New York Times tech writer demands that Facebook censor Trump or else “we’re leaving”

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Image: New York Times tech writer demands that Facebook censor Trump or else “we’re leaving”

(Natural News) Another far-left liberal has come out of the woodwork with hateful threats against Facebook for not censoring enough of the content that she personally finds “offensive.”

Kara Swisher, a New York Times contributor and co-founder of a company known as Recode, recently penned a complaint piece called “Clean Up Your Act, Facebook, or We’re Leaving” that attempts to bully Mark Zuckerberg into making Facebook just another leftist echo chamber with no opposing viewpoints.

Unless Zuckerberg caves to Swisher’s many demands, which include silencing President Trump’s “hateful” rhetoric, then Swisher is vowing to keep her now-deactivated Facebook account shut down for good – oh no, not that!

“This column – and the deactivation of my account – is my way of cleaning up my world,” Swisher smugly writes, chastising Zuckerberg for doing “too little, too late” with his company’s recent removal of a “controversial” ad put out by the Trump campaign.

While Twitter has kept itself busy slapping “fact-check” labels on various Trump tweets in recent days, Facebook has thus far let the man speak. And for this “crime,” Swisher, in typical leftist “Karen” fashion, is demanding to speak with the proverbial manager of Facebook so she can give him a harsh reprimand.

“Last week, you announced that you are finally labeling the most egregious dreck that is broadcast on Facebook by President Trump, after years of his escalating behavior,” Swisher whines, noting that “other big platforms have started to make long overdue changes in content policy, including banning an out-of-control Trump community (Reddit) and temporarily suspending Mr. Trump’s account due to ‘hateful content’ (Twitch).”


Swisher compares Zuckerberg to her own son learning how to do chores without being asked

Determined to conform Facebook into her own image, Swisher concluded her demeaning rant against Zuckerberg by comparing him to her teenage son whom she hopes will one day learn to do his chores without having to be asked. In the meantime, Swisher believes it is her job to act as a self-appointed hall monitor to keep Zuckerberg in check.

Swisher is urging all companies to boycott Facebook until Zuckerberg complies with her demands. By depriving the platform of advertising dollars, this boycott will push Zuckerberg to censor Trump and make Swisher happy, which is all that matters.

This mainstream media ghoul is also calling on all other social media platforms to shun Facebook until it brings itself into compliance with her demands. Facebook should not be allowed to get by with the others until it reaches the “woke” level of censorship she craves.

“Allowing Facebook to get cover in a group will only end up hurting smaller companies like Snap and Twitter, both of which have tried to deal with this problem more actively,” Swisher contends.

“It’s not fair to lump them in with you,” she goes on to whine. “[T]hey have fewer resources to withstand a marketing drought. Since Facebook and Google are the overwhelmingly dominant players in the game of digital advertising, the problem of hate and misinformation flowing on social media is yours to own.”

One wonders why the “anti-fascists” over at Antifa have yet to lob a Molotov cocktail at Swisher’s house, seeing as how she is a living embodiment of fascism. If social media refuses to kowtow to her political viewpoints, then it should cease to exist, she says.

If somebody like Swisher is not the human embodiment of privilege and entitlement, then we do not know what is. This creep actually thinks the world revolves around her, and is making demands as if she runs the place. Hopefully Zuckerberg tells her to crawl back into the hole from whence she came – or better yet, ignore her entirely.

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