Claim: Coronavirus has mutated to become more contagious

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Image: Claim: Coronavirus has mutated to become more contagious

(Natural News) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is claiming that a new strain of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading around Beijing that is more infectious than the previous strain.

According to the regime, the new strain contains a mutation known as D614G that supposedly makes the virus twice as contagious, and also more deadly. Chinese employees at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida are also making similar claims.

These Chinese employees told CNN during a recent interview that they “believe they have shown that the new coronavirus has mutated in a way that makes it more easily (sic) infect human cells.”

“Viruses with this mutation were much more infectious than those without the mutation in the cell culture system we used,” stated Hyeryun Choe, a Scripps virologist.

What Choe claims has happened is that the virus itself now has between four and five times more “spikes,” which she says makes it more stable and allows it easier entry into human cells.

Nobody seems to know if any of this will have any effect on the pandemic. There is also no evidence to suggest that these alleged mutations change the severity of symptoms or the risk of mortality.

Bette Korber and her colleagues from the Los Alamos National Laboratory published their own paper back in April about the so-called D614G mutation, which they described as being “of urgent concern.”

This mutated strain, they wrote, had supposedly become the dominating strain circulating across both Europe and the United States. Scripps is still looking into the issue and other scientists are said to be peer-reviewing the findings to see if they arrive at the same conclusions.


All coronavirus vaccines will still be effective, says WHO

To be sure that this news does not cause anyone to second guess the effectiveness of the upcoming Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that everything is still on track. These mutations, it added, do not in any way affect the vaccines currently under development, they absurdly claim.

How this is possible would almost seem like magic, but clever hand tricks have demarcated much of the pandemic from its start. Everyone was told to stay home or else the virus would spread like wildfire, but that came to an immediate end once the George Floyd incident was reported and protesters decided to gather.

Then when President Trump decided he wanted to hold a rally, suddenly gathering became “high risk” and the media went nuts about an immediate “second wave.” And yet it was no big deal for protesters to gather, and the media even went so far as to say that the protests definitively did not lead to a rise in new cases.

That we are now hearing about this mutation raises more questions as to what the latest agenda might be. Is the public being primed and prepped for more fear-mongering about the next “phase” of the virus, which will likely come with calls for more lockdowns, more restrictions, and of course more vaccines?

“Come on, people … be true believers,” joked one Epoch Times commenter about the communist Chinese fear-mongering.

“You, too, can re-save the world by sitting at home, collapsing a worldwide economy, and setting up China as the worldwide dominating power. It’s all so enticing. Really? It’s all so amazing that people unquestionably believe this stuff. It’s a Plandemic, not a Pandemic.”

In response, another commenter noted that the reason people believe everything they are “taught” by those “over” them is because public education “has inculcated the ready acceptance” of brainwashing propaganda as undeniable truth.

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