Many black-owned businesses in Minneapolis were completely destroyed during George Floyd riots – do black lives really matter to leftists?

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Image: Many black-owned businesses in Minneapolis were completely destroyed during George Floyd riots – do black lives really matter to leftists?

(Natural News) Independent journalist Michael Tracey recently traveled to Minneapolis to assess the wreckage left behind by Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists, and what he discovered was not pretty.

Businesses and daycare centers, mostly minority-owned, are still boarded up or destroyed, many with signs on the front of what is left of their windows begging BLM and Antifa terrorists not to target them.

An Iranian-owned convenience store, for instance, is still closed and covered in graffiti-splattered plywood. Its owner told Tracey that “they took everything,” referring to the looters who ransacked the premises during the peak of the riots.

There is a good chance that this convenience store may never open up again because of all the damage and financial loss that was incurred, which seems to be a common theme among many of the other minority-owned businesses throughout the area.

Right next door to this convenience store is a Vietnamese music shop, also closed with boards covering all windows. This shop appears to be closed for good, according to Tracey.

Down the street, a Malaysian restaurant, also boarded up, is actually open for business. Tracey says he grabbed a vegetarian “duck” sandwich there that he enjoyed, despite the ruined ambiance of its light-restricted interior.

Tracey also observed a bridal store, record store and several other businesses on the same block all boarded up and all closed. Unlike the Malaysian restaurant, however, none of these appear to be opening back up any time soon.

All of this would seem to debunk the media myth that the George Floyd “protests” were “peaceful.” Listen below to The Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, to learn more:


Minorities to BLM terrorists: “Please don’t kill us”

One particularly sad display that Tracey observed was a daycare center with signs all over the window pleading with BLM terrorists to leave the building alone because “children play here.”

“Save the kids,” the sign went on to say, adding, “Please, this is a child care center. Children attend this center. We are all in this together.”

As Tracey ventured over to where the George Floyd incident occurred, he noticed that the entire thing has been walled off and turned into a “memorial zone,” with chalk writing on the ground, flower displays and large images of Floyd’s face painted onto billboards.

Wherever Tracey went, he observed nothing but wreckage, destruction and obligatory virtue signaling all across store windows as business owners throughout the area, desperate not to lose their livelihoods, pleaded with rioters and looters to spare them.

Like some kind of left-wing “passover” event, Minneapolis business owners felt compelled to paint the “blood” of BLM all over their storefronts in an attempt to keep the “angel of death” terrorists from burning, looting or otherwise destroying them. And sadly, in most cases, it was not successful.

Perhaps the most disturbing image was of the Third Precinct police building, which had chain-link fencing and concrete barricades surrounding it on all sides. The nearby health society was burnt to a crisp with similar chain-link fencing wrapped around its exterior.

Some businesses also put up laminated GoFundMe flyers with information about how to donate to keep them in business. One of these was the “Post Plus” store on Lake St., which explained that funding is desperately needed to rebuild the store and get it up and running once again.

“I wonder how Jews feel about this new public ethnicity-identification practice?” asked Tracey in a tweet about all of the “black-owned” verbiage he saw spray-painted on businesses in an attempt to protect them from the “angel of death.”

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