Left-wing media conspires with Big Tech to de-platform conservatives: Now they’re targeting Telegram

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Image: Left-wing media conspires with Big Tech to de-platform conservatives: Now they’re targeting Telegram

(Natural News) While Marxist authoritarians and speech Nazis at Twitter, Google, YouTube and Facebook have been censoring and silencing conservatives and pro-Trump voices for the past few years, the Left-wing ‘mainstream media’ has been cheering the effort.

And now, they’re going after another ‘rival.’

Fake news leader CNN is now pressuring Telegram to begin widespread censorship of its ‘dissident’ culture — users who have flocked to the platform (like Parler) after being kicked off the others for daring to express a different (right-leaning) opinion, Big League Politics reports. 

Essentially, CNN is using a Left-wing “think tank” (which it probably conspired with to come up with new ‘research’) to complain about how “white supremacist groups” are using Telegram to (egads!) engage in constitutionally protected speech (yes, even speech that’s deplorable).

Meanwhile, CNN doesn’t bother calling out Twitter or Facebook or any of the other Lefty platforms as being havens for fascists like Antifa who claim to be anti-fascists, or Marxists and socialists who want to destroy America as founded. (Related: Politico blames “white supremacists” for violent rioting, but even SPLC says there’s no evidence.)

The network noted in its “Five Things” column Friday:

5. White supremacy

White supremacist groups have become much more active on the social media network Telegram as protests over racism and police brutality sweep the US. That’s according to a new report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a London-based think tank. More than 200 channels, many with thousands of members, include frequent and explicit threats of violence against minority communities and Black Lives Matter protesters, researchers said. White supremacists have made their way over to Telegram because it’s less active in moderating content than other social media networks, the report said. 


White supremacists are everywhere, don’t you know, but there are no anti-government Marxists, communists or socialists anywhere in America that CNN can find, don’t you know.

In any event, the implication appears to be that CNN is okay colluding with the big tech behemoths to target smaller platforms that actually promote and enable constitutionally-protected speech, even vile and abhorrent ideologies that few Americans agree with.

Kind of like the speech our founding fathers used when they were fomenting independence back in the day. We’re pretty sure King George wasn’t a fan of it.

“The Institute for Strategic Dialogue partners with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, the Soros-backed Open Society Foundations and many different government bureaucracies to lobby for Draconian censorship on social media platforms,” Big League Politics reported, noting the connection between Left-wing media and Left-wing social media.

So far, Telegram is not buckling. The platform told CNN it is “a neutral platform used both by Black Lives Matter and their opponents” and that calls to violence (which are generally illegal anyway) are not welcome there.

This attack on Telegram makes perfect sense because it follows a pattern of Left-wing bullying of anyone and any platform that dares to ‘cater to conservatives’ by simply failing to persecute them for what they say and what they believe.

Twitter and Facebook and YouTube have all claimed at various points during their existence that they are “free speech platforms” designed to provide users with a voice and a forum all their own.

But of course, that’s not really true. Since these platforms ‘got big’ and extremely wealthy, they became powers unto themselves, free (so far) of regulation by federal and state entities because they throw around a lot of lobbying money. 

And along the way, the like-minded Marxist ideologies in newsrooms and editorial boards around the country have rushed to their aid — so they can get featured on their well-trafficked Internet real estate (eyeballs equal revenue).

Anyone who doesn’t toe the progressive line, meanwhile, gets cast aside and deplatformed.

As other free-speech sites like Gab and Parler begin to grow in the wake of Left-wing social media purges, expect lapdogs like CNN to take up the cause against them, as well.

Because ‘free speech’ to a Leftist ideologue means ‘you’re free to repeat the narrative I give you.’

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