CHOP gets chopped! Seattle PD break up “autonomous zone” that had become a violence-filled shooting gallery celebrated as left-wing utopia

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Image: CHOP gets chopped! Seattle PD break up “autonomous zone” that had become a violence-filled shooting gallery celebrated as left-wing utopia

(Natural News) It took nearly a month — which was nearly a month too long — but the Democrat mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan, was finally pressured to order her neutered police department to break up the CHOP ‘autonomous zone’ that had stood as a giant smack in the face to law an order since it was established in early June.

As reported by One America News’ Jack Prosobiec, heavy-geared squads of Seattle police officers burst into the CHOP zone early Wednesday, dismantling barriers and seeking to reclaim lost territory — namely, the department’s East Precinct building, which had been abandoned and boarded up at the city’s instructions.

The Seattle Times adds:

The Seattle Police Department, with help from Bellevue police and the FBI, swept into the CHOP early Wednesday with heavily equipped officers and tactical vehicles to clear out the Capitol Hill protest zone and arrest people who remained there.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order at 9:28 p.m. Tuesday, declaring “gathering in this area an unlawful assembly requiring immediate action from city agencies, including the Police Department.”

The paper said that cops moved in around 5 a.m. and issued dispersal orders for “anyone who remains in the area or returns to the area.”

Dozens of people didn’t get the message, however, as police reported 32 arrests by around 9:30 a.m.

Officers enforcing today’s order are wearing a higher-level of protective gear,” said Seattle PD in a statement. “Police are utilizing this equipment because individuals associated w/the CHOP are known to be armed and dangerous/may be associated with shootings, homicides, robberies, assaults & other violent crimes.”


The Times said that at least 100 officers, all of whom were equipped with body armor, helmets, batons, and weapons moved into the zone, which was formally renamed the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. 

Some of the prior occupants backed off slowly, with a few of them yelling defiantly “We’ll be back.” (Related: If you are SHOT inside a left-wing “autonomous zone,” no police will come to help you.)

We’ll see how that works out. The city is already facing a lawsuit from disgruntled and angry residents and business owners who were either terrorized by the CHOP occupants or were otherwise impeded from accessing their own property.

Also, there were at least six shootings inside the zone over the past few weeks alone, including two deaths — all after Durkan initially predicted a “summer of love” atmosphere.

But Durkan was obviously getting fed up. One of the city council’s most militant Leftists, Kshama Sawant,  led a Black Lives Matter protest to Durkan’s home, whipping up the crowd into a threatening frenzy while railing against police and anything resembling law and order.

In response to that stunt, Durkan penned an angry letter in which she called for Sawant to be removed from office (and rightly so).

Also, Durkan’s multimillion dollar home was being threatened with invasion, proving yet again that you can never mollify the Left-wing mobs enough, even with Left-wing policies and Leftist leaders.

So — what can we reasonably deduce here? 

First, that socialism has failed again. Also, when there is no leadership or governing hierarchy, such as a proven social construct like policing and normative political processes, the result is chaos and death.

Also, we’ve seen once more how, without the rule of law, there really is nothing left except survival of the fittest at its most base existence.

We’ve also learned this: Left-wing Democrats in these blue states and cities are massive hypocrites who use events like the legitimately horrible death of George Floyd for nothing more than opportunities to virtue signal and exploit for political gain.

As long as the CHOPsters remained within their ‘zone,’ all was well with Durkan. But the moment she, herself, was threatened, that was it. The fun and games were over.

The never-satisfied ‘woke’ Left won’t forget that, either.

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