The savvy prepper’s guide to surviving a long-term power outage

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Image: The savvy prepper’s guide to surviving a long-term power outage

(Natural News) A power outage is one of the most challenging situations any homeowner may face. Society has grown to be heavily dependent on technology and electricity, with the latter becoming almost a necessity. Losing access to electricity can lead to adverse effects on everyday life. What’s even more unfortunate is that you don’t usually have control over when the power would go out. Whether by natural disaster or the power supply overloading, there aren’t any telltale signs for an impending power outage, and nobody knows when the power would return. A long-term power outage can be rough to deal with, but, as with all disasters, preparedness is the key to overcoming these obstacles. (h/t to

Blackout survival strategies

A power outage is something that can catch you off guard and not everyone has supplies that will last for several days in case of a long-term emergency. Here are a few tips to keep both yourself and your family alive if you find yourself fresh out of power.

Get that generator

A generator may seem like something that you don’t necessarily need at the moment. However, demands will skyrocket when disaster strikes, and shop owners are quick to pick up these trends. You might find the generator you saw weeks ago at a significantly higher price during a power outage. Also, you wouldn’t have the time to familiarize yourself with the device if you were to buy it at the last minute.

If you want to get a generator for your home, you have to consider two things. The first is the mobility of the machine. Some people like to hunker down and wait out the disaster while others prefer to evacuate to their bug-out locations. Weigh your options carefully and choose which type of generator to get: a mobile one or a stationary one. If bugging in is your priority and you have a reasonable budget, getting yourself a standby generator may be the best for you. If not, a mobile one can provide you with electricity wherever and whenever you need it – provided you also have enough fuel.


Power from the sun

From passive cooling to solar water heaters, there are plenty of DIY projects you can do to harness solar energy to power your home. For example, solar landscape lights can give you low-level lighting throughout the night. This saves you from using up precious flashlight battery life, saving them for situations where you need a brighter light level.

Prepare for trouble

Your neighborhood could turn into an entirely different place once the power goes out. It’s definitely possible to survive without electricity, albeit difficult. Here are a few things you should prepare for in a long-term blackout. (Related: 10 Practical tips that will help you survive a long-term disaster without electricity.)

  1. Home security. Most security systems are connected to the power grid, which makes them virtually useless in a blackout scenario. In this situation, you can never go wrong with deadbolts and locks. Barricading windows and entrances when bugging in can also be an option if looters are becoming a big problem.
  2. Medical aid. With all the modern conveniences available, medical assistance can be summoned with just a push of a button. However, when the electricity runs out, this advantage dissipates. Because of this, it is imperative to learn how to do at least basic first aid or know someone who does.
  3. Food and cooking. Unless you’re growing your own food in your garden, you can say goodbye to fresh foods because the machines that keep them fresh no longer work. Also, cooking can be quite an ordeal if you don’t know how to run propane ovens or barbecue grills.
  4. Heating. In a world without internal heating, winters can be brutal. Keep a hefty supply of firewood so you can have easy access to a source of heat.

If a long-term blackout does hit your area, your life will change dramatically. But with a proper blackout plan, it is entirely possible to ride this disaster out until the power grid comes back on.

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