In-depth WSJ investigation PROVES that Google has hired an army of censors to maliciously manipulate search results and bury the truths they don’t want you to find

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Image: In-depth WSJ investigation PROVES that Google has hired an army of censors to maliciously manipulate search results and bury the truths they don’t want you to find

(Natural News) More details have emerged about Google’s censorship agenda, including the fact that the world’s most well-known search engine has actually hired on an army of human censors to manually “curate” its search results to pull up only what the company wants people to see, and not what people are actually searching for.

Even though Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently told Congress under oath that his company doesn’t “manually intervene” in the Google search engine user experience, evidence since uncovered by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) proves otherwise, demonstrating the lawless company culture that exists at Google.

According to the WSJ, Google “has increasingly re-engineered and interfered with search results to a far greater degree than the company and its executives have acknowledged.” Additionally, Google has been caught intentionally altering its algorithms to favor its deep-pocketed advertisers at the expense of small businesses, many of which are just trying to make it in the new Big Tech economy.

“Google made algorithmic changes to its search results that favor big businesses over smaller ones, and in at least one case made changes on behalf of a major advertiser, eBay Inc., contrary to its public position that it never takes that type of action,” the WSJ revealed.

“The company also boosts some major websites, such as Inc. and Facebook Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.”

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The deep state at work: Google manually tweaks auto-complete suggestions, “knowledge panels,” “featured snippets,” and Google News to push its agenda

It has further been revealed that Google is secretly instructing its engineers to make other “behind-the-scenes adjustments” to its platforms, including by tweaking the Google search engine’s auto-complete suggestions, as well as tampering with its “knowledge panels,” “featured snippets,” and Google News results.

Though Google executives have publicly denied that it’s happening, Google is also maintaining secret blacklists that prevent certain websites from showing up in Google’s search results at all. This is what’s been happening to Dr. Mercola, as well as to Natural News.

Believe it or not, Google is also paying thousands of contractors to individually assess the “quality” of Google’s algorithms in order to make recommendations. If Google search results are pulling up “controversial” content that questions vaccine safety, for instance, or that blows the whistle about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), then Google quickly jumps into action by moving it to the back pages or deleting it entirely.

“Far from being autonomous computer programs oblivious to outside pressure, Google’s algorithms are subject to regular tinkering from executives and engineers who are trying to deliver relevant search results, while also pleasing a wide variety of powerful interests and driving its parent company’s more than $30 billion in annual profit,” the WSJ explains.

“Google is now the most highly trafficked website in the world, surpassing 90% of the market share for all search engines. The market capitalization of its parent, Alphabet Inc., is more than $900 billion.”

In other words, Google’s search engine platform is anything but neutral. It doesn’t pull up information based on what’s actually popular, nor does it make readily available the information that users actually want to access. Google is instead a deep state propaganda tool that’s being masqueraded as a “free service,” and one that severely threatens the viability of online free speech.

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