Google exposed as the Big Tech propaganda branch of Big Pharma and the deadly vaccine industry

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Image: Google exposed as the Big Tech propaganda branch of Big Pharma and the deadly vaccine industry

(Natural News) A little bit of sleuthing by Dr. Joseph Mercola of the popular online health resource has uncovered strong evidence that Google is now functioning not as an unbiased search engine, but rather as a propaganda front for Big Pharma and the ever-lucrative vaccine industry.

In trying to figure out why the vast majority of his most popular articles vanished from Google back in June, Dr. Mercola has learned that he’s become a Big Tech target due to his procuring of health and wellness information that, in many cases, eliminates the need for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other high-profit “medicines.”

You see, Google’s transformation into a pharmaceutical company has greatly influenced the search results that pop up during search queries. Users who try to seek out information about “rheumatoid arthritis,” for instance, will no longer find useful articles like the one Dr. Mercola wrote back in 2010. Instead, they’ll pull up pro-drug propaganda links to WebMD, Healthline, and Medical News Today, all of which push drugs and vaccines as the solution to all health problems.

As explained by Dr. Mercola in a powerful video he recently uploaded to his page, WebMD is owned by the global investment firm KKR & Co., which also owned RJR Nabisco at a time when the company was selling junk food and tobacco products. KKR also owns Medscape and MedicineNet, two other choice websites promoted by Google over sites like

WebMD, as you may recall, was in 2010 caught providing users with a fake depression screening test,” Dr. Mercola explains in his video. “The test – in which 100 percent of quiz-takers ended up having a ‘high likelihood of major depression’ and were directed to talk to their doctor about treatment – was sponsored by drug giant Eli Lilly, the maker of Cymbalta.”


In essence, this WebMD depression quiz was nothing more than direct-to-consumer advertising disguised as a “health screening.”

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In 2017, Google also partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness to launch yet another self-assessment “quiz” that, just like the WebMD one, was designed to drive users towards taking antidepressant drugs for their internet-diagnosed “illness.”

“There simply is no doubt that Google is a proponent for and promoter of pharmaceuticals,” Dr. Mercola contends.

Amazingly, Google thinks it’s getting away with also embedding ads for antidepressant drugs within WebMD landing pages, presenting them to users as if they’re exactly what the doctor ordered. In truth, these ads, which are furnished by Google Ad services and DoubleClick, are both owned by Google, and generate large profits for Google.

It’s a similar situation over at Healthline, which is owned by an advertising company known as Red Ventures that pushes things like McDonald’s fast food home delivery. Both Healthline and WebMD are now the top “health” sites that show up when searching for almost any health-related topic on Google, and both sites rake in plenty of cash for Google because they’ve been “optimized” with Google’s drug advertising.

“In short, WebMD and Healthline – two ‘health’ sites that promote some very unhealthy choices – are prioritized in search results because they both use Google ad services,” Dr. Mercola explains. “When traffic is shuttled to these sites, Google makes more money from advertising revenue.”

A quick look at Google’s official policies and guidelines reveals that this little kickback setup is in direct violation of Google’s own rules. But Google no longer follows the rules, as the company sacrifices all remaining shreds of integrity on the altar of the almighty dollar, cash being the sole decision-maker at the “new-and-improved” Google.

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