NY Times admits the real goal of mass immigration is to win elections for Democrats

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Image: NY Times admits the real goal of mass immigration is to win elections for Democrats

(Natural News) Every once in a while we get some brazen honesty from news organizations that mostly spend their time covering up for Democrats and their diabolical, country-destroying schemes.

The New York Times, every bit the propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrats — which would make the paper “state-run media” if the Donkey Party ever seizes power again — just admitted in a round about way why the Left is all about open borders: Perpetual Democrat control.

As Breitbart News reported: 

Last week, Democrats took control of Virginia’s House of Delegates and the State Senate. Now, the Democrats hold power over the state’s legislature, the governor’s seat and the lieutenant governor’s seat — the first time since 1993 that this has occurred. 

The New York Times now admits that four to five decades of mass immigration — where about 1.2 million legal immigrants are admitted to the United States every year — has shifted Virginia into a blue state.

It’s true. Suburbs that were once solid red bastions of Republican strength turned purple then, with elections last week, bright blue. And why? 


Take 38-year-old Vijay Katkuri, a software engineer from southern India. The reason why he voted for a Democrat is…gun control.

“Guns, that is the most pressing issue for me,” he said. “There are a lot of other issues, but you can only fix them if you are alive.”

Not that Virginia is Murder Central or anything, and certainly it isn’t the killing zone that is Chicago’s South Side — which is a bright blue bastion of Democratic influence. (Related: Black conservatives under attack by liberals for daring to ‘wander off their plantation’ – The level of viciousness is unprecedented.)


But because Democrats do a better job of selling what immigrants are used to in terms of governance, then the Donkey Party tends to capture the lion’s share of immigrant support once they are allowed to vote in our elections.

Democrats want to change America

Republicans don’t stand much of a chance with immigrants because Republicans aren’t authoritarians or socialists, which is the form of government most immigrants leave to come to America, ironically.

And it wouldn’t dawn on, say, a guy from southern India who isn’t educated in American tradition, culture, and constitutional liberty to understand why “gun control” and gun confiscation is political suicidal for a free people.

Still, they get to live in a much better country making much better money while living relatively risk-free lives in places like Northern Virginia, which really is just an expansion of Washington, D.C., which is something like 95 percent Democrat.

The Times reports: 

Once the heart of the confederacy, Virginia is now the land of Indian grocery stores, Korean churches and Diwali festivals. The state population has boomed — up by 38 percent since 1990, with the biggest growth in densely settled suburban areas like South Riding. One in 10 people eligible to vote in the state were born outside the United States, up from one in 28 in 1990. It is also significantly less white. In 1990, the census tracts that make up Mr. Katkuri’s Senate district were home to about 35,000 people — 91 percent of them white. Today, its population of 225,000 is just 64 percent white.

It’s hard to retain political and cultural traditions with that kind of demographic onslaught.

That’s not racist, by the way, it’s an honest assessment of what happens to cultures when they are flooded with foreign-born individuals. Take the situation in reverse; what would happen, say, to a region in India if it were inundated with white Americans over a 10-year period? Would Indian culture remain the same or would it be watered down, shunted, even disregarded?

One of the biggest reasons why Americans backed President Trump in 2016 and continue to flock to him in 2020 is because he promised to put the brakes on the immigration-related cultural degradation of America. 

Because like the NY Times admits in a backhanded way, it’s what Democrats are using to change our country and make it less American and, thus, less free.

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