Kraft Heinz, Unilever caught advertising on pornography website that promotes sexual violence and other perversions

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Image: Kraft Heinz, Unilever caught advertising on pornography website that promotes sexual violence and other perversions

(Natural News) Food giant Kraft Heinz has become the center of a new controversy over the company’s shocking decision to advertise its products on a pornography website that features themes of racism, incest, violence against women, and sex trafficking.

As part of the brand’s “Super Bowl activation,” DEVOUR, a frozen food brand owned by Kraft Heinz, featured a full-page advertising blitz on “Pornhub” for an entire day that bore the theme of “#Foodporn,” which Kraft Heinz director Nigel Dickie defended as “a cultural phenomenon on Instagram.”

When the public caught wind of this advertising partnership between Kraft Heinz and Pornhub, the news spread like wildfire, spurring fellow corporate giant Unilever, which was also caught advertising its Dollar Shave Club brand on Pornhub, to cut ties with the porn site for good. But Kraft Heinz wasn’t at all phased by the scandal, indicating that it plans to continue sending advertising dollars to Pornhub.

“The DEVOUR frozen food brand, which is only sold in the US, had a one-day promotion solely as part of the brand’s Super Bowl activation,” admitted Dickie, defending his company’s decision to partner with Pornhub. “The brand was explicitly talking about #Foodporn, which has become a cultural phenomenon on Instagram.”

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If you purchase Kraft Heinz products, you’re financially supporting sex trafficking of children

Some conservative-leaning news outlets are especially incensed that Kraft Heinz would take this issue so lightly, seeing as how pornographic videos of that 15-year-old girl who’s all over the news for having gone missing after being sexually abused are reportedly appearing across the Pornhub platform.


Other offensive content on Pornhub includes graphic displays of women being subjected to physical violence, as well as fictitious scenarios of “step” family members engaging in sexual activity with one another. This is just a small sampling of the types of vile content that reportedly exists on Pornhub, which Kraft Heinz is apparently okay with supporting.

“Not only is pornography linked to a myriad of public health harms, including sexual dysfunctions and mental health problems, but it also frequently portrays and encourages sexual violence against women,” writes Haley Halverson for Townhall.

“For example, today on Pornhub’s landing page are sexually graphic videos with themes of ‘amateur teen’ and ‘step’ family members (a.k.a. incest themes) and women being ‘sexually broken’ by men who use their bodies,” she adds.

This is not the type of content that we would expect a supposedly “family-friendly” company like Kraft Heinz to endorse, let alone fund with its advertising dollars. But unlike Unilever, which has apologized for ever advertising on Pornhub, Kraft Heinz isn’t at all sorry and plans to continue doing business with Pornhub in the future.

“When mainstream companies normalize or partner with the pornography industry they tacitly endorse and fund the sexually exploitive content and messages that the pornography industry produces,” Halverson goes on to explain.

Keep in mind that Kraft Heinz is the same global food conglomerate that got in trouble a few years back for making false claims about its chemical-based infant formulas, which the company had been illicitly marketing as helping to “nourish, protect and develop your baby.”

“One of those Heinz ‘food porn’ commercials came on while we were watching a (completely family friendly, they weren’t even advertising on an adult themed video; this was a video about cute puppies!) YouTube video that didn’t give us the option to ‘skip,'” wrote one Townhall commenter about Kraft Heinz’s dedication to promoting smut online.

“It was grossly inappropriate, highly charged with sexual innuendo and both my husband and I were left wondering how in the world someone thought that was appropriate for a marketing campaign. Well, here ya go, apparently it was made to run on a porn site and they just seeded YouTube with it when they got bored paying the porn site. Gross!”

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