Elizabeth Warren’s “medicare for all calculator” is a total hoax

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Image: Elizabeth Warren’s “medicare for all calculator” is a total hoax

(Natural News) The other day, Elizabeth Warren unveiled her $52 trillion “Medicare for All” plan, which she says will provide everyone living in America with “free” health care while also giving them back $11 trillion. But Warren’s “Medicare for All Calculator,” we’ve since learned, makes absolutely no sense.

No matter what information is plugged into it, the Medicare for All Calculator basically spits out positive results of “covered” without actually showing any of the financial calculations that supposedly will make it happen.

Among the six options provided in response to the question, “Where do you get your health care right now?” four of them – Medicaid, Medicare, VA/TRICARE, and I Don’t Have Health Care Right Now – all provide almost the exact same canned answer when selected.

Medicaid and Medicare both answer with: “You’re already covered, and under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan, you’d get even better coverage at almost no cost to you.”

VA/TRICARE users are told: “You’re already covered under VA/TRICARE, but you’d also have the option of enrolling in Medicare for All.

When selecting the no health care coverage option, users are told that they will receive “practically free health care for you and anyone else who needs it,” just so long as you vote for Elizabeth Warren and get her elected.

The final two options, “My Job” and “Health Care Marketplace (like Healthcare.gov),” are the only ones that ask for more information: “Roughly, how much do you spend each year on health care?” And hilariously, no matter what figure is input, the calculator responds with the same number in the form of savings.

If a user puts in that he spend $8,000 per year on health care, for instance, Warren’s Medicare for All Calculator will respond that “you’d bring home an estimated $8,000 more per year under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan.”

Any figure under $1,000, on the other hand, returns a generic result of, “You’d bring home more money per year under Elizabeth’s Medicare for All plan.”

Corporations will be forced to fire their employees under Warrencare, but at least everyone will get “free” drugs and vaccines!

Under Warren’s plan, nobody living in America will have to pay even “a penny” for health care because all of those trillions of dollars will come from rich people and corporations. So the middle class can simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the government’s “free” drugs and vaccines, apparently.

There won’t even be premiums or copays, Warren claims, because the plan is to dispense health care with no questions asked as part of a system in which health insurance companies won’t “stick you with the bill.”

So how does Warren plan to deal with corporations having to cut employee pay and fire people over the bills they’re going to receive for “free” health care? Simple: She plans to just ignore it and hope the American public doesn’t notice this glaring problem until after she’s elected president.

The good news is that Warren probably doesn’t stand a chance at ever seeing the White House. But how boring would it be not to pick apart her so-called “plan,” which has no actual financials attached to it along with a whole lot of empty promises?

“[Warren’s] plan calls for businesses to pay,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter, further pointing out the domino effect of collapse that would ensue.

“So wages are frozen, if not reduced. Prices are increased to consumers. Earnings fall so stocks decline and investors suffer. Doctors refuse Medicare rates so they stop practicing. Hospitals close since Medicare rates are lower than their costs for providing services. Everyone’s a winner!”

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