Michael Flynn’s lawyer claims outed CIA/FBI spy Stefan Halper was deep state source for media’s “Spygate” hoax stories

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Image: Michael Flynn’s lawyer claims outed CIA/FBI spy Stefan Halper was deep state source for media’s “Spygate” hoax stories

(Natural News) More evidence that the disgustingly dishonest “mainstream media” is little more than a propaganda organ for the deep state was revealed this week by the attorney for former U.S. Army Gen. Michael Flynn, who was fired by President Trump just weeks into his administration for allegedly lying about contact with a Russian diplomat.

According to court filings by attorney Sydney Powell, herself a former federal prosecutor who blew the whistle on past Justice Department malfeasance, CIA and FBI informant (spy) Stefan Halper was the one who fed misinformation about “Trump-Russia collusion” to Washington Post reporter David Ignatius, who dutifully reported the lies without corroborating them.

Also, True Pundit reports, The Federalist recently obtained an email from Christopher Andrew, who is connected to Britain’s version of the CIA known as MI5, in which he brags to his long-time friend Ignatius that he had the “‘inside track’ on Flynn,” which further supports the contention that the intelligence community has been pushing the Spygate hoax all along.

In this vein, The National Sentinel reported Tuesday that information increasingly points to the conclusion that Obama’s CIA director, John Brennan, was the Spygate ringleader.

“If you remember, senators on Capitol Hill were being briefed personally by John Brennan back in 2016, which led to [then-Senate Minority Leader] Harry Reid (D-Nev.) publicly calling the FBI to investigate the Trump campaign for these ties to Russia,” former Free Beacon reporter and current RNC official Elizabeth Harrington told One America News’ (OANN) Liz Wheeler, TNS reported.


“That, of course, had to have come from the Democrats’ dirty dossier,” she continued. “That all started after John Brennan was … seemingly telling everyone in Washington. And of course, at the same time, you had all of these leaks and trying to get a narrative coming in the news media.”

General Flynn was obviously set up

True Pundit notes further: 

In last week’s court filing, Powell highlighted how the CIA, FBI, Halper, and possibly James Baker used the unnamed and unaware [Svetlana] Lokhova [a Russian-born English citizen and Soviet-era scholar] and the complicit Ignatius to destroy Flynn. This James Baker is not the one who worked under James Comey at the FBI, but a James Baker in the Department of Defense Office of National Assessment.

The other James Baker is the FBI’s former top lawyer. OANN reported last month that he is believed to be cooperating with Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham, who have opened a criminal investigation into the origins of the Spygate/Russian collusion hoax. 

“Stefan Halper is a known long-time operative for the CIA/FBI. He was paid exorbitant sums by the FBI/CIA/DOD through the Department of Defense’s Office of Net Assessment in 2016,” Powell wrote in her filing. 

“His tasks seem to have included slandering Mr. Flynn with accusations of having an affair with a young professor (a British national of Russian descent) Flynn met at an official dinner at Cambridge University when he was head of DIA in 2014,” she added. 

“Flynn has requested the records of Col. James Baker because he was Halper’s ‘handler’ in the Office of Net Assessment in the Pentagon, and ONA Director Baker regularly lunched with Washington Post Reporter David Ignatius,” Powell wrote.

Because of the way Flynn was set up by the deep state, his ex-deputy, K.T. McFarland, told Fox News on Tuesday his investigation should be reopened and that the “investigators should be investigated.”

She notes that Powell believes interview notes taken during the FBI’s questioning of Flynn in January 2017, before Trump was inaugurated, were changed. 

“General Flynn did not have a lawyer with him when the two FBI Agents came to the White House,” she said. “Now, when those interviews are finished the FBI Agents… take the handwritten notes and they file it in a digital file… They’re not supposed to be tampered with, they’re not supposed to be changed.”

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