McDonald’s CEO resigns after inappropriate relationship with subordinate employee… but actually takes responsibility and apologizes, unlike Democrat lawmakers

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Image: McDonald’s CEO resigns after inappropriate relationship with subordinate employee… but actually takes responsibility and apologizes, unlike Democrat lawmakers

(Natural News) McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook reportedly resigned after it was discovered that he had violated company policy by engaging in a consensual relationship with one of his employees.

Apologizing for his “poor judgment,” Easterbrook did something that former Representative Katie Hill, a Democrat who was caught accepting naked massages from an aide, couldn’t be bothered to do: acknowledge that he actually did something wrong.

“Given the values of the company, I agreed with the board that it is time for me to move on,” Easterbrook wrote in a company-wide email, admitting that his actions were in violation of a McDonald’s policy prohibiting managers from having romantic relationships with their employees.

“Easterbrook owned up to the inappropriate relationship, calling it a mistake, and agreed with the board’s decision that his behavior did not reflect the values of the company,” wrote Bronson Stocking for Townhall about the incident.

“Appropriately, Easterbook did not make a long farewell address blaming everyone else for his mistakes, something Rep. Katie Hill did before her resignation.”

As you may recall, Hill, who is openly bisexual but married to a man, was caught engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a female staffer, which ended up costing her her congressional seat.

However, rather than admit her “mistake,” Hill assumed the defensive position and started playing the blame game, first against her husband.

Because of her supposed “abusive marriage,” Hill had no other choice but to take creepy naked photos with her female staffers, she wants us all to now believe. Hill says her husband engaged in a “smear campaign” to “humiliate” her – poor, poor girl.


“This is what needs to happen so that the good people who supported me will no longer be subjected to the pain inflicted by my abusive husband and the brutality of hateful political operatives who seem to happily provide a platform to a monster who is driving a smear campaign built around cyber exploitation,” Hill actually stated in her resignation.

Word of advice: Don’t be like Katie Hill or Hillary Clinton

Unlike Hill, Easterbrook didn’t try to blame anyone else for his own poor judgment. Unlike Hill, Easterbrook owned up to his mistakes and graciously moved on. Unlike Hill, Easterbrook didn’t pull a page from the Hillary Clinton book of excuses and lies by spinning wildly out of control and accusing everyone other than himself of doing something wrong.

Unlike Hill, Easterbrook actually seems like a pretty decent person, all things considered.

It’s a shame that Democrats like Katie Hill and Hillary Clinton lack the humility that people like Steve Easterbrook has. If they didn’t, these two would be slightly more deserving of even an ounce of respect, though even that’s probably pushing it.

Lack of character is something that plagues the political establishment on both sides of the aisle. But it’s especially prominent on the left. Democrats just can’t own up to their mistakes, ever, and it obviously didn’t take Katie Hill very long to learn the ways of her party before, thankfully, being ousted.

Let this be a lesson to other budding Democratic politicians: Own up to your mistakes and don’t choose the path of Hillary Clinton and Katie Hill. You won’t be liked if you do – and you certainly won’t be respected.

“The only *actual* double standard here is the incredibly low and disgusting one that Katie Hill was held to, while Easterbrook stood there and accepted responsibility for his own errors – you know, the way we expect actual leaders to,” pointed out one Townhall commenter, referring specifically to Hill’s accusations of “sexism” after she was outed for her sexual impropriety.

“Hill cheated on her husband, while Easterbrook is a divorced man,” responded another, highlighting even more so how Easterbrook is a far better human being than Hill.

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