Will “small government” Republicans let the telecom industry take over your local government and fast track 5G?

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Image: Will “small government” Republicans let the telecom industry take over your local government and fast track 5G?

(Natural News) Under President Trump, the Republican Party has become the party of economic success, boasting the best stock market and the most competitive job market Americans have ever seen in their lifetime. As the economy soars, Republicans must not forget about human and environmental health. If Republicans have their way, the telecom industry will have free reign to fast track 5G wireless technologies throughout the country, bypassing safety studies and health concerns of increased radiation.

In September 2018, the Federal Communications Commission passed 5G “FAST” plan to help the telecom industry install thousands of new cell towers by removing local authority over their placement, permitting, and fees. In October 2019, Texas Representative Pete Olson introduced H.R. 4741, which gives the FCC and the telecom industry more power to advance 5G quickly, without adherence to existing environmental and human health laws.

H.R. 4741 provides “that the Federal Communications Commission and communications service providers regulated by the Commission under the Communications Act of 1934 shall not be subject to certain provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the National Historic Preservation Act with respect to the … construction, rebuilding, or hardening of communications facilities following a major disaster or an emergency declared by the President, and for other purposes.

Will Republicans stand up against the tyranny of the telecom industry?

The telecom industry is busy convincing Republicans in Congress that there is no hazard to the influx of cell towers, even though studies continue to prove otherwise. These bills are desperate attempts to fast track 5G. Republicans, hell-bent on reaping profits from 5G’s economic boom, will blindly accept the influx of radiation, paying no mind to the health problems it causes to all Americans in the long run.


The problem is bigger than Congress. At least 21 other states have passed legislation that removes local control over cell tower placement. The telecom industry wants unlimited access to cell towers and public utility poles, in every town in America. However, some representatives are putting up a fight. California Representative Anna Eshoo introduced HR 530, which seeks to reverse the FCC 5G Fast plan, while restoring local authority over cell tower placement and permitting.

Small government Republicans should be concerned about the FCC and telecom industry overreaching into local affairs. The loss of local government oversight on this matter will cause an even greater loss of transparency and the right of the people to reject potential radiation hazards in their community. Small government Republicans should reject the tyranny of the telecom industry. If local control is lost, greater issues will arise – like the loss of privacy and data security. The end result will be technology addiction, over-dependence on technology, and mysterious illnesses due to increased radiation.

The health concerns of 5G are no laughing matter

The Lancet published an important health assessment on 5G called “Planetary Electromagnetic Pollution: It Is Time to Assess Its Impact.” The large scale evaluation investigated the effects of electromagnetic wireless radiation over the past two decades on humans, animals, and plants among 2,266 studies on biological life. In 89 percent of the studies, electromagnetic radiation caused DNA damage by inflicting oxidative stress. In 68.2 percent of the studies, wireless radiation caused biological health effects which included neurodevelopment disorders and structural and functional changes in the brains and the sensitivity of pollinators.

The health concerns of 5G are no laughing matter. In the research review “Towards 5G communication systems: Are there health implications?” millimeter waves were found to “alter gene expression, promote cellular proliferation and synthesis of proteins linked with oxidative stress, inflammatory and metabolic processes.”

For more on 5G health dangers, visit Radiation.News.

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