Obama’s deep state in crosshairs of Trump’s Justice Department as “Spygate” review becomes a criminal probe

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Image: Obama’s deep state in crosshairs of Trump’s Justice Department as “Spygate” review becomes a criminal probe

(Natural News) It’s about time.

For nearly three years, supporters of President Donald Trump have watched as deep state insiders, the Left-wing “mainstream” media, and Democrats worked to destroy and depose the man we elected to serve as the leader of our republic.

We have been waiting for people inside his administration to get off their rear ends and defend him because it has become obvious by now that too few Republicans in Congress were willing to do it.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions did little to come to the president’s aid, and it’s been months since William Barr was named his successor and said he would be examining the origins of the Russian collusion probe — Spygate, in more common vernacular. 

We have been hearing reports and rumors for weeks now that reports from the Justice Department inspector general’s office were “coming.” That criminal referrals were made or were going to be made. That indictments would be next. But nothing happened.

Until this week.

As The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, the Spygate inquiry has now become a criminal investigation, which means that Barr and his hand-picked U.S. attorney looking into the matter, John Durham, believe there is enough evidence to suggest that people who launched the ‘Russia inquiry’ in the 2016 may have broken laws.

The paper noted: 

Attorney General William Barr’s expanding review of the Russia probe has evolved into a criminal investigation, according to a person familiar with the matter, giving a federal prosecutor who is leading the inquiry the ability to subpoena witnesses and use a grand jury.


It couldn’t immediately be determined what prompted the change nor what evidence of a crime Mr. Barr and the federal prosecutor leading the probe, John Durham, may have found. When the inquiry was announced in May, Justice Department officials described it as a review that could prompt changes to counterintelligence investigations of political campaigns.

If Durham convenes a grand jury, we’ll know then that indictments are coming

The report, which was obviously based on leaked information, comes as House Democrats stage a fake impeachment inquiry of President Trump. We say ‘fake’ because the Judiciary Committee has yet to return articles of impeachment (evidence) against the president and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has never authorized a vote on those articles by the full chamber.

That may yet happen, but for now, it hasn’t, meaning the secret depositions being taken of supposed “witnesses” by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) are window dressing and meant as a show for the Democrat Party’s friendly media allies to report as ‘real.’ 

From the very beginning, Barr has said that what the Justice Department and FBI were doing was “spying” on the 2016 Trump campaign. They used a bogus “Russia dossier” to secure 3-4 FISA court warrants so they could monitor one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers, Carter Page, who has never been accused of, or charged with, any wrongdoing. (Related: Texas Rep Gohmert calls on Comey, McCabe and Ohr to be JAILED after defrauding FISA court with fake “Trump dossier.”)

In fact, as The National Sentinel reported, Democrats and their media allies were attempting to smear Barr from the outset because they feared that his Spygate ‘review’ would eventually result in criminal charges. 

Now granted, we don’t yet know if anyone has actually been charged nor do we know if Durham has convened a grand jury yet. But the fact that the review has become a criminal investigation is proof enough that someone (Barr, mostly) believes what happened to our president was not simply unprecedented political meddling but potentially illegal on several fronts.

Whether that will result in indictments and convictions remains to be seen. After all, we’re not dealing with normal folks, we’re talking about deep state characters who have, so far, managed to ‘get away with it’ so often in the past.

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