Survival medicine: Basic tips and supplies for a pandemic

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Image: Survival medicine: Basic tips and supplies for a pandemic

(Natural News) Most preppers model their disaster preparedness plan after significant threats like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and even nuclear blasts. It’s understandable to prepare for these events because their size and power can uproot the lives of many people in a very short time. Unfortunately, most people often forget to add events like a pandemic to their survival plan. While not as physically devastating as a natural disaster, a pandemic still has the power to bring society to its knees. (h/t to

Pandemic preparedness

One thing to remember about a pandemic is that it’s different from an epidemic. A pandemic is a virus or disease that affects many people across multiple states or even countries.

In most cases, these events start as small outbreaks in certain areas. At this point, they are referred to as an epidemic. An example of a pandemic that devastated nations was the Black Death in the 1300s, which killed millions of people. What’s terrifying about these disasters is that nobody knows when and how they would happen. The Black Death, for instance, was introduced when ships returned from a voyage full of dead and dying sailors. This one instance would lead to the deaths of more than 20 million Europeans. With how volatile and contagious some diseases can be, how can you protect yourself and your family? (Related: Pandemic flu could strike at any time, hitting the poor the hardest.)

One of the easiest and most basic ways to avoid catching contagious illnesses is to hunker down and go into lockdown. By isolating yourself, you can prevent contact with people who could be potential carriers of whatever disease is affecting your area. Also, this method doesn’t require any hi-tech equipment or even any vaccines while being extremely effective at keeping everyone safe and healthy.


However, note that once you go into lockdown, whatever you have with you and in your home is all you’re going to get until the pandemic dies down. This is why it is crucial to practice proper stockpiling and extensive home security. Not only should you have enough supplies to last when bugging in, but you should also be able to defend your home from potential threats.

In the case of someone getting sick, you must prepare an isolation room to quarantine the infected individual from the rest of the group. Isolating the person as soon as you can is vital if you want to prevent the spread of diseases.

Tips and strategies to fight the fever

When prepping for a pandemic, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. Know the symptoms. Not all diseases work the same way, so it’s important to learn which condition is currently on the rise and its symptoms.
  2. Wear protective gear. Wearing protective clothing like coverall suits, gloves, and masks can help quell the spread of disease, especially when dealing with outsiders.
  3. Keep a stockpile of food and water. The baseline of every prepping plan is keeping a steady supply of food and water available.
  4. Learn how to use essential oils. These elixirs in a bottle have a very long shelf life and are commonly used to treat basic ailments. Essential oils can also ward off sickness and germs when diffused into the air.
  5. Stock up on entertainment. Being locked up inside your own home for a long time can cause some people to get bored. Having a bunch of board games, party games, and even video games can help keep everyone entertained.
  6. Set up sanitation stations. Areas allotted for sanitation supplies should be spread out throughout the home, especially near entrances. These should be used regularly to keep everything clean.

Being aware of the situation and preparing well is what every prepper needs to do to survive when SHTF. If you’re well-prepared, a pandemic is just another hurdle for you to get over. Read to stay informed.

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