Photo of “responsible gun ownership” gets student BANNED from school… because photos are now thought crimes in America

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Image: Photo of “responsible gun ownership” gets student BANNED from school… because photos are now thought crimes in America

(Natural News) If you still believe that our public schools are institutions of primary learning, where we prepare young people for adulthood by providing them a base of knowledge about a range of subjects, you’re mistaken.

More and more, our public schools are becoming propaganda mills pushing Left-wing, socialist, Marxist ideology under the guise of ‘progressive education.’

We see it everywhere, but one of the most recent examples of this comes from Centennial, Colo., where a 17-year-old young lady who is an avid shooter was suspended recently from her high school over a picture posted to a social media app.

As Ammoland’s John Crump reports: Read more:

A Colorado high school student posted a picture with her brother, who served in combat overseas in the US Army, to the photo-sharing app Snapchat and was then suspended from school.

Photos shared by users on Snapchat are only supposed to last 24 hours, but the straight-A student would find out that on the internet, any picture can come back to haunt you.

The picture in question (see the video here) shows the student holding a Glock handgun standing next to her brother, who served in special operations, holding a Palmetto State Armory PA-15 semi-automatic sporting rifle while both were flipping off the camera. 

According to Ammoland, the student and her family were preparing to go to the shooting range. The caption on the photo said, “Me and my legal guardian are going to the gun range to practice gun safety and responsible gun ownership while getting better so we can protect ourselves while also using the first amendment to practice our second amendment.”


Right there, she loses Left-wing lunatics because they don’t care much for the Constitution’s Bill of Rights unless the amendments happen to conveniently support their political position for the time being. 

Somehow, officials at the student’s high school saw the photo, which then “set off a chain of events that would shock her family,” Ammoland reported. The Endeavor Academy, part of the Cherry Creek School District, suspended her.

Obviously, the caption was not threatening and did not convey a threat. Rather, it clearly referenced two constitutionally recognized and protected freedoms: Freedom of speech and expression, and the right to keep and bear arms. (Related: Bombshell for liberty: AR-15 lowers are NOT firearms, according to federal law… ATF quietly drops criminal prosecution of “gun maker.”)

This is an honor student we’re talking about here, not someone with a history of violence

The student did not believe she had committed any violations of policy or that she had done anything wrong at all. Ditto for her mother. 

School officials didn’t even have the courage to call her mother or speak to her in person. Rather, they sent her mother a generic email which did not provide a specific reason for her daughter’s suspension. However, the email said the school retained the right to suspend students for on- and off-campus behavior that is perceived as detrimental to the welfare, safety, and morals of fellow students and faculty.

So it sounds a lot like the student’s only ‘offense’ was ticking someone off with her viewpoint and her pro-gun stance. 

In addition, the email threatened the student with arrest if she walked onto school property at any time during her suspension. Reminder: This is a straight-A honor student we’re talking about here, not a problem child with a history of making threats or acting in a violent manner. 

In the aftermath, the student’s mother met with school officials who reportedly told her that her daughter didn’t violate a specific rule but rather they chose to suspend her anyway because she posed with an “assault rifle.”

Wait a minute. That was a legally purchased and legally-owned weapon. What’s the big deal? 

Oh, right. Left-wing gun-hate partisanship. Got it.

The student has dreams of going into the medical field but now she wonders if the suspension is going to hurt her chances of getting into certain schools. 

We are betting the self-righteous school officials never considered that or, if they did, they didn’t care. 

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