Hillary Clinton pressured Ronan Farrow to spike the Weinstein rape story – total corruption

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Image: Hillary Clinton pressured Ronan Farrow to spike the Weinstein rape story – total corruption

(Natural News) In his new book Catch And Kill, journalist Ronan Farrow blows the lid on failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s corrupt influence in trying to subdue the dirty details of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal from going public.

According to Farrow, Clinton’s publicist, Nick Merrill, contacted him at one point and tried to pressure him into dropping the Weinstein story entirely because Clinton had expressed “concern” about what might be revealed.

At the time, Farrow had been working on an in-depth exposé on Weinstein, which included how he had made a proposition to NBC, Farrow’s employer, about creating a documentary series on Clinton for the network. Clinton apparently caught wind of this and, with the help of Weinstein, tried to coerce Farrow into not publishing these and other details about Weinstein and Clinton’s close relationship.

Since Weinstein had already been exposed as a serial rapist and sexual predator, it makes sense that Clinton didn’t want to be associated with him. But the fact remains that she was, and this is what Farrow, being a journalist, wanted to expose.

However, we all know that the Clinton Family Crime Cartel hates the truth, especially when it exposes them for crimes that, if widely circulated, would remove them from politics forever. This is precisely why Clinton sought to intimidate Farrow via her publicist into dropping the story and letting it fade into the dustbin of history.

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Believe all women? Certainly not Hillary

Farrow’s book also blows the lid on the Matt Lauer scandal, revealing that he did, in fact, rape a female colleague in her hotel room back in 2014. But the whole thing was covered up thanks to the mainstream media, a close ally of the Clintons, which quickly buried the story to protect one of its own.

While claiming to be an advocate for women, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly been involved in covering up scandals like this, which only further proves that this evil woman only cares about herself, and nobody else.

Back in 2015, Clinton tweeted about how every survivor of sexual assault “deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” And yet, Clinton did the exact opposite with Weinstein, and presumably many others over the years, including her husband’s laundry list of rapes and sexual assaults against women.

So, which women are we supposed to believe, Hillary? The ones you’ve continually tried to silence throughout your political career, or you? What happens when the women you’ve obstructed from obtaining justice for the crimes committed against them come forward to call you a liar, Hillary? Who’s to be believed in that scenario?

Once again, Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be the Queen of Hypocrisy. Nothing this woman says or does is legitimate, and yet she continues to open her cackling mouth and spew lies as they suit her own interests.

As Jim Holt from The Gateway Pundit puts it, Hillary Clinton “is a walking and talking contradiction” who can’t keep her stories straight – that is, when she’s able to actually give them without collapsing or having seizures.

“Is anyone here keeping a list of all the blatant hypocrisy (re: women in general) this horrible person has engaged in over the years?” asked on National Review commenter of the other commenters at the site.

“To anyone who argues that a woman can not be a misogynist, I will show you exhibit A: Hillary Clinton.”

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