Are children who mysteriously disappear being abducted by CPS and having their blood harvested to provide adrenochrome for the “elites?”

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Image: Are children who mysteriously disappear being abducted by CPS and having their blood harvested to provide adrenochrome for the “elites?”

(Natural News) There’s a child abduction epidemic in our country and throughout the world, and one of the major culprits is Child Protective Services (CPS).

Using the excuse that some children need “rescuing” from threatening family situations, CPS routinely kidnaps children and either dumps them into the foster care system, or “disappears” them into what some say are satanic child pedophilia and ritual abuse rings.

Children’s blood, believe it or not, is what’s particularly valuable to the CPS “deep state,” which extracts from it a substance known as adrenochrome that the “elites” apparently use as an anti-aging serum to stimulate adrenaline in their bloodstreams.

In order to obtain this adrenochrome, abducted children have to be harmed or killed, as you might expect, which is something that Jim White from Northwest Liberty News has documented as taking place in Montana where he lives, as well as all throughout the rest of the country and even around the world.

Back in 2016, White reported on the so-called “Pizzagate” scandal that was being reported by some independent media outlets at the time, revealing that these same satanic forces are using the CPS system to obtain children for their adrenochrome.

“Although there is no doubt that some elements of pizzagate are real, the satanic force that procures, tortures, kills, and sometimes eats children is one of a worldwide nature, and not limited to a block in Washington D.C.,” White wrote, emphasizing the fact that this is a global phenomenon.


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Adrenochrome company “Ambrosia” now has clinics in five U.S. cities that inject “youthful blood” into people’s bodies

If you’ve been following any of the ongoing coverage about the growing wave of mysterious CPS kidnappings and child abductions, then you already know that something isn’t quite right with this system.

Children are disappearing or being taken from their families under specious circumstances – in some cases permanently. And where are they going? Possibly to a company known as Ambrosia that offers “youthful blood” injections to patients trying to turn back their biological clocks.

As reported by Michael Snyder from The Washington Standard, Ambrosia currently operates adrenochrome clinics in five major U.S. cities, where adrenochrome injections can be purchased for around $8,000 to $12,000, depending on the amount desired.

The official story is that this blood provided to Ambrosia comes from the pineal glands of penguins living in Antarctica. But White and others claim that it’s actually coming from abducted children, and especially Native American children, who are routinely trafficked and never seen again.

According to ExposingPedoVore, in order to obtain adrenochrome, blood has to be extracted from children while they’re still alive. Afterwards, this same site suggests, these victim children are then ritually murdered.

The “luciferian elite,” it goes on to explain, are basically kidnapping children, often through CPS; torturing and even raping them; then killing them – but not before first spiking these children’s glandular levels of adrenaline and epinephrine, which are necessary to later harvest adrenochrome.

These same children are often kept alive for “repeated extractions,” the site goes on to explain, meaning children are being held captive as prisoners in unknown locations for “long term traumatization treatment.”

“… they traumatize, torture, rape, and extract the blood of the child with blood transfusions multiple times, until the child finally dies from the abuse and blood loss or they decide to kill the child in one of their many (monthly) satanic child sacrifice rituals,” the site further elucidates.

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