“Eat the babies” troll comment at AOC town hall proves that it’s now impossible to tell the difference between real leftists and fake plants

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Image: “Eat the babies” troll comment at AOC town hall proves that it’s now impossible to tell the difference between real leftists and fake plants

(Natural News) It has now been revealed that the crazy woman who told Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) at a recent town hall event in Queens that we all need to “eat the babies” in order to save the planet from climate change was, in fact, a fake plant sent by a pro-Trump group to troll the junior congresswoman.

In case you missed it, the woman in question went on a rant during a question-and-answer session at a public library in Corona about how AOC’s Green New Deal doesn’t go far enough to address global warming, which she explained threatens to kill us all in just a few short months. The woman further suggested that people need to not only stop having babies in order to address the problem, but also eat them as a means of stopping the impending climate catastrophe.

Rather than counter the insanity that this woman was spewing, AOC actually nodded in agreement before responding that we have more than a few months left, “luckily,” before we experience a climate armageddon. AOC went on to suggest that there are more “positive” ways to address climate change than eating human flesh, though she left it mostly at that, failing to tell the woman and the rest of her listening audience that eating babies is a truly preposterous notion.

The whole charade quickly made the media rounds before later being exposed as a hoax drummed up by none other than the LaRouche PAC, a right-wing group founded by former communist and political provocateur Lyndon LaRouche, who died earlier this year at the ripe old age of 96.

Some of LaRouche’s followers reportedly took credit for the prank on social media, writing that “sometimes, only satire works.” Meanwhile, the #EatTheBabies hashtag ended up trending on Twitter, where it was retweeted tens of thousands of times.


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Truth and satire really are becoming indistinguishable

What makes this prank both hilarious and disturbing is the fact that, at first, nobody could really tell whether or not it was real. Because AOC’s entire schtick seems like some kind of massive joke, there really is no telling to what degree her supporters are willing to sacrifice human life in order to appease the gods of climate change, including through infant cannibalism.

The independent media was careful in covering this incident as a potential hoax, though it was unclear for a few days whether the woman really was just trolling AOC, or perhaps she really did believe that all babies need to die and be served up on dinner plates in order to make the environment a safer place for future generations.

After the incident took place, AOC took to Twitter herself to express that she was “concerned” the woman might be “in crisis,” and in need of mental help. AOC also lambasted Tucker Carlson from Fox News for mocking both the woman and AOC herself, who again completely failed to admonish the woman as the rant was taking place, suggesting that she may, in fact, not be entirely opposed to the idea.

“Fetuses are already used as fuel in generators in Sweden and the U.K.,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter towards this end.

“If they push the climate BS insanity long enough, like how we must not eat cheeseburgers because of the methane from cow [farts] then the next step could be some kind of baby Soylent Green,” this commenter went on to explain.

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