The Left is now openly abusing mentally disabled children to push climate change propaganda

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Image: The Left is now openly abusing mentally disabled children to push climate change propaganda

(Natural News) The sudden rise of Greta Thunberg to the forefront of the climate change hoax has proven once again that the Left only cares about children when they can be effectively manipulated and used as pawns to push leftist agendas for profit.

The Left specifically prefers mentally disabled children for such tasks because they’re much easier to control, which is also the case for Greta, who has Asperger’s. While it might be slightly more difficult to convince a normal child that the world is ending in 12 or seven or five years, depending on which climate activist you ask, someone on the autism spectrum is more likely to believe it and spread it to others.

This is definitely the case with Greta, who’s traveling the world on George Soros’ dime indoctrinating anyone who will listen into the cult of climate change. And it would appear as though Greta fully believes everything she’s saying, which is probably why she was chosen in the first place.

We’ve seen similar child abuse against not only autistic children but also children with Down syndrome, who are now being actively recruited by the LGBTQ mafia to become “transgenders.” Children with Down syndrome, in case you aren’t aware, are much more “innocent” and tend to believe what they’re told, which makes them ripe targets for leftist abuse.

As for Greta, she appears to be a victim of abuse by her own parents, both of whom identify as members of the domestic terrorist group Antifa. Greta the eco-fascist also appears to have come out of nowhere just as her mother Malena was releasing a memoir, suggesting that Greta is being used by her parents to rake in the cash.

“[Greta’s parents] have also turned Thunberg into a money-making machine, using the child to fleece environmentalists out of large donations,” writes Shane Trejo for Big League Politics.

“The Thunberg family also regularly employs bizarre and quasi-satanic symbolism, typical of those who perpetrate behind the globalist authoritarian agenda,” he adds, noting that there’s “far more than meets the eye regarding the new false idol of the anti-human climate cult.”

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If you care about your children, keep them FAR AWAY from leftists and leftist agendas

All of this would seem to suggest that leftists specifically target children with mental abnormalities to be the mouthpieces for leftist causes. Because these causes would never stand up on their own merits, the Left has resorted to using special needs children as props in the hopes that most people will choose to go along with the agenda rather than “disrespect” a mere babe.

But this tactic isn’t working too well, as millions of Americans have their eyes wide open on this one. Just as quickly as Greta Thunberg appeared on the scene, the independent media has exposed her as a child propagandist who’s getting her lines from the likes of George Soros, Bill Gates, and Bono, not to mention her own deranged parents.

“Antifa’s modus operandi is to always place the women and children at the front of the lines in an attempt to emotionally disarm any resistance,” wrote one Big League Politics commenter. “And if resistance is met, then they claim ‘bullying’ of women and children. Communists are evil.”

Be sure to check out this eye-opening video at, which reveals how the Greta Thunberg phenomenon strategy was pulled right from Adolph Hitler’s playbook.

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