By demanding that the world submit to her climate lunacy or else be guilty of “hate,” Greta Thunberg is adopting Antifa tactics

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Image: By demanding that the world submit to her climate lunacy or else be guilty of “hate,” Greta Thunberg is adopting Antifa tactics

(Natural News) The latest trend in leftist politics is to parade around spokes-children like Greta Thunberg, whose job it is to act as mouthpieces in lecturing adults about the pressing need for more carbon taxes to address climate change. And wouldn’t you know it, but Thunberg’s rhetoric and tactics of coercion come straight from the Antifa handbook, which is basically a set of rules for radicals in achieving their political goals.

By going around and spreading eco-fascism as the solution to global warming – and accusing those who reject the narrative as “haters” – climate loons like Thunberg and her handlers are showing the world that they’re willing to say or do virtually anything if it means seeing their deepest climate wishes come true.

For Thunberg, this involves exclusively vilifying the West for its “carbon footprint,” which is actually significantly less than the carbon footprints of places like Asia and Africa, which are by far the world’s biggest polluters. But it’s not so much about pollution as it is about merging Western nations into the globalist matrix, which is what Thunberg’s climate aspirations embody.

Whether she realizes it or not, Thunberg is a child pawn of the climate-obsessed deep state, as she continues to be psychologically terrorized by the climate mob into fearing weather patterns and seasonal temperature changes – as well as teaching other children like herself to feel similar fears.

By insinuating that anyone who disagrees with her is guilty of “hate,” Thunberg is employing a common Antifa tactic that’s designed to intimidate weak-willed people into total compliance with the agenda. After all, who wants to be filled with hate, right?


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Psychological terrorism: This is how the Left is pushing climate change, using children no less

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, explains, Thunberg’s parents are actually tied to Antifa, and appear to be exploiting their daughter as a social weapon to bring about public conformity to the climate agenda. And unless the independent media continues to point this out by shining a light on it, then an entire generation of children will be replicated into Thunberg’s image, which would seem to be the goal.

“It’s time to declare this psychological terrorism campaign a crime against children,” Adams writes.

“These children – Greta included – are being psychologically destroyed to turn them into both human shields and social engineering weapons against society. It’s almost as if they’ve been trying to turn Greta into a kind of ‘cultural suicide bomber’ who ends up destroying her own sanity and childhood in order to appease the twisted, nefarious influence schemes of her handlers, some of whom are linked to George Soros,” he adds.

Using the word “hate” to describe anyone who disagrees with them is a tried-and-true leftist tactic of coercion, and one that’s heavily embedded into Thunberg’s rhetoric. This suggests even further that Thunberg is reading a script that’s been crafted for her by some very high-level social engineers who want the entire world to be forcibly converted into the Cult of Climate Change, a religion that requires a strong dose of verbal violence to spread.

In the case of Thunberg’s role in all this, the poor child has been brainwashed into using anger and threats to get her way – and a shocking number of liberals appear to be cheering her on! Rather than seek to get this child out of harm’s way, the Left apparently sees nothing wrong with exploiting a child in this way if it means making political progress on climate change.

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