Health Ranger warned about mad science GMO experiments years ago, now a deadly science catastrophe in South America may kill millions

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Image: Health Ranger warned about mad science GMO experiments years ago, now a deadly science catastrophe in South America may kill millions

(Natural News) Just like we’ve long warned, the release of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) into the natural environment is having a catastrophic and irreversible impact on our planet. And a new study, in case you’re not convinced, serves as yet more proof.

As a little background, you may recall some of our earlier coverage about a company known as Oxitec, based out of the United Kingdom, which had announced plans to release genetically-engineered, or transgenic, mosquitoes into the wild.

Oxitec’s stated goal was to eradicate native mosquito populations carrying potentially deadly diseases like Zika by infiltrating their ranks with transgenic impostors. These impostor mosquitoes, we were told, do not have the ability to reproduce, and thus pose no risk of causing long-term changes to the natural ecosystem.

As you might expect, these claims by Oxitec have since proven false. As revealed in the aforementioned study, which was published in the esteemed journal Nature, Oxitec’s transgenic mosquitoes are not only able to reproduce, but their presence within native mosquito populations is actually causing super-mosquitoes to spawn.

So what was branded and sold to the public as a “solution” to disease-carrying mosquito outbreaks has actually made the situation worse than it was before. And now the world will have to face an onslaught of super-mosquitoes that are more resilient than the ones that exist in nature.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has warned about this for years, emphasizing that once a GMO is released in the environment, it can’t ever be removed. It’s an irreversible attempt at playing God, and one that is obviously now backfiring, just like Adams and many others said it would.


“To summarize the findings of the study, this mad science GMO experiment managed to create a super mutant population of mosquitoes that now carry genes that are potentially tied to enhanced insecticide resistance, making them harder to kill than ever before,” Adams writes.

“The experiment utterly failed to achieve its promised outcome of wiping out mosquitoes, too.”

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Even insects prefer masculinity as opposed to LGBTQ perversion – that’s one good thing we’ve learned from this study, anyway

As horrific as the thought of super-mosquitoes sucking people’s blood and eating them alive is, this wasn’t the only thing this study discovered. Oxitec’s GMO mosquitoes, which are all male, by the way, were also found to be perceived by natural female mosquitoes as undesirable to mate with because of their perceived sterility.

In other words, the natural female mosquitoes showed a preference towards natural male mosquitoes, while rejecting the GMO male mosquitoes with genetic inferiority. What this shows is that even the animal kingdom recognizes the value of true masculinity, even as humanity gets sold a bill of lies about the “beauty” and “desirability” of LGBTQ.

“It’s also interesting to note that even among mosquitoes, females don’t want to mate with weaker males that produce sterile offspring,” Adams adds. “Even in insects, in other words, masculinity and virility have recognized value for the continuation of the species.”

“Yet somehow, thanks to modern ‘progressivism,’ masculinity is attacked among humans, and the twisted pop culture keeps trying to feminize all the men into sterilized transgenders and nullos who are incapable of reproducing. Mosquitoes, in other words, appear to be smarter than liberals when it comes to selection of a mate.”

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