The propaganda of the Left is a weapon of war

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Image: The propaganda of the Left is a weapon of war

(Natural News) The hallmark of propaganda is that outright lies are more useful than the truth. The New York Times’ vile lies about Justice Brett Kavanaugh were so flimsy, they couldn’t last the day.

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Yet even after the Times’ correction (which amounted to a retraction), Democrats kept shooting the fake ammunition. That’s because their target isn’t actual investigations or impeachment proceedings. The lie itself is the goal. Once out, even if retracted, it serves their purpose: to smear and intimidate. Truth need not apply.

The more outrageous, ugly, and frightening the propaganda, the more powerful it is. That’s all that is necessary for success. The lie doesn’t even have to be plausible. It just has to meet the base desires of the targeted audience.

Democrats want to believe President Trump supports neo-Nazis, and that Justice Kavanaugh is a sexual predator, so that political norms of two-party rule need not be followed.

Democratic Party voters today want to believe that the admirable and upright Justice Brent Kavanaugh is a moral monster, because of the coming showdown on abortion.

Classic propaganda reverses black and white, truth and falsehood. Abortion must be presented as the moral high ground, and pro-life as a moral cesspit.

Propaganda is crude and ugly because it is not meant to convince the opposition. It is purely for motivating one’s own side to unjust, even horrific, deeds, such as destroying a fine man with false sexual accusations.

The New York Times, once again, is leading the political charge to bring down the political enemies of the Left, just as they did with the Russian collusion hoax attempted coup against President Trump.


Much of the commentary on the latest Kavanaugh attacks has been to counter the specific charges and stress two salient facts: the alleged victim has no memory of the alleged incident and the person making the accusations is a Clinton lawyer. That is important to do, but it misses the bigger threat.

Those who propagate such lies are shameless. They may be forced to withdraw the lie temporarily, but they don’t care. They never give it up. Just ask Justice Clarence Thomas or President Trump.

The New York Times is not dealing in the court of true and false, but pure power politics.

In history, the greatest propagandists—the Soviets and the Nazis—were not defeated with better information. They had to be crushed militarily, to free their populations from their ministry of lies.

Democrat voters are isolated from honest sources of information by their groupthink conformity. The internet masters of the universe have decided to block conservative websites, as they think, for the nation’s good.  Even a mainstream conservative news source like Breitbart is falsely claimed to be racist and anti-semitic. Internet searches on Google rarely list the Wall Street Journal, let alone conservative sites such as American Greatness.

A hallmark of propaganda is that those on the inside who question it are ruthlessly silenced and destroyed. Dissidents are dangerous. That’s why black conservatives are attacked so viciously.

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