Breitbart falls for fake news, falsely reports “anti-vaxxer” threw “menstrual blood” on California Senators… but that’s a lie

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Image: Breitbart falls for fake news, falsely reports “anti-vaxxer” threw “menstrual blood” on California Senators… but that’s a lie

(Natural News) The mainstream media has been reporting that an “anti-vaxxer” from California allegedly threw a cup of menstrual blood from the gallery of the Sacramento statehouse down onto state senators during a recent hearing about medical vaccine exemptions, which Sen. Scott Weiner, a Democrat, quickly pegged as “evidence” that “anti-vaxxers are engaging in criminal behavior.” But we now know that the whole thing was staged, and that the “anti-vaxxer” in question was actually a left-wing plant whose purpose was to smear the health freedom movement and steer the sheep towards accepting mandatory vaccinations.

Even Breitbart News fell for the hoax, having reported the incident as if it was real, including Sen. Weiner’s quotes about “anti-vaxxers” committing “assault” against politicians by “harassing & intimidating” them, these being the exact words that Weiner tweeted from his Twitter account. But, as usual, it was all a vaccine industry ruse aimed at denigrating those who believe, as America’s Founding Fathers did, that individuals have a right to self-determination, meaning they have the sovereign autonomy to choose which medicines to take or not to take without government interference.

As Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is now warning, this latest false flag psy-op (psychological operation) proves that the vaccine industry is desperate to win the war against health freedom. Using the mainstream media, which apparently includes Breitbart, as its mouthpiece, the vaccine industry is hoping that Americans are too stupid to figure out that rejecting mandatory vaccination is a basic human right, especially in the United States of America where the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – without vaccines, if one so chooses – is enshrined in our Constitution.


Nobody in the vaccine truth movement knows who this woman even is, further suggesting that she might be a vaccine industry plant

The woman in question is hardly representative of your average health freedom advocate. In truth, she’s just another crisis actor, of sorts, who’s allowing herself to be used by the vaccine deep state to push its authoritarian agenda. And if freedom-loving Americans don’t speak out against this type of agenda-driven chicanery, then the vaccine deep state will continue to propagate these types of false flag events until nobody in America has a legal means by which to avoid being forcibly jabbed with poisons by Big Pharma.

“Now, the vaccine industry has pushed another false flag psyop in California, dropping a provocateur into an ‘anti-vax’ protest with instructions for her to assault California lawmakers with fake blood. (It wasn’t actually blood, but the media never reports that.),” Adams writes.

“This gave CNN and other pharma-controlled news networks the narrative they needed to paint all vaccine skeptics as violent nut jobs. In truth, it’s the vaccine industry that routinely commits violence against infants and children, causing millions of children to be brain damaged, made autistic, hospitalized or even killed in America.”

Just like how the fake news media tries to portray all gun owners as crazed lunatics, this latest stunt in Sacramento was designed to portray “anti-vaxxers” as borderline Antifa terrorists who are willing to create a biohazard situation in a government building if doing so will stop the political establishment from forcing vaccines on everyone. In reality, nobody in the health freedom community even knew who Dalelio was, as she’s not a member of any vaccine truth group, and was likely hired by vaccine companies to do their bidding.

“We checked with our contacts in the vaccine truth movement in California, and no one has ever seen this woman before,” Adams adds. “She”s not part of any known vaccine truth group or movement, according to our sources.”

Be sure to read Adams’ full analysis at this link.

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