More proof that Netflix is a pedophile operation: Show creator admits to stalking, lusting over 14-year-old boy

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Image: More proof that Netflix is a pedophile operation: Show creator admits to stalking, lusting over 14-year-old boy

(Natural News) The creator of a popular Netflix cartoon series for children has been outed for a post she once shared on her Tumblr account detailing how she stalked and lusted over a 14-year-old boy she spotted at a local fair.

Julia Vickerman, the mind behind Twelve Forever, tagged the now-deleted Tumblr post with the hashtag #pedophilia, and proceeded to describe the child object of her affections as a:

“… beautiful androgynous long black-haired emo 14-year-old boy wearing tight black pants and a black t-shirt emblazoned with the name of some band that probably sucks and his lip-injected fake-red-haired mother who looked like a washed up rockstar.”

Demonstrating once again that the Netflix streaming service is a magnet for perverts, Vickerman went on to reveal that she creepily followed this child around the carnival along with a man named “Tony,” and tried to take pictures of the underage youth for her enjoyment.

“Tony was nice enough to follow this poor boy around the small carnival with me as I tried to sneak photos (none of which turned out well),” Vickerman wrote in her disturbing post.

“I knew that my heart would be forever in turmoil unless I at least TRIED to talk to him. Oh GOD if only his mom hadn’t been there,” she went on to disclose about her penchant for this junior-higher.

Vickerman apparently then worked up the nerve to actually approach the boy and his mother, offering them carnival tickets as an excuse to meet the boy.

“I watched my muse push his dyed black hair behind his ear, exposing EPIC eyebrows, apple still pressed to his lips, say ‘thank you’ and smile,” she wrote in perhaps the creepiest portion of her Tumblr post, adding that this “was the best day ever” for her.


Vickerman has posted similar creepy content to Twitter – but hasn’t been banned, of course

In case you think this was an isolated incident taken out of context, Vickerman has tweeted similar disturbing content on Twitter – but has never been banned for it, since she presumably does not espouse the kinds of conservative ideals that Twitter now classifies as “hate speech.”

In one disturbing tweet from back in 2010, Vickerman revealed that she actually put a wig on her own 14-year-old son and “carried him around” the dance floor at a wedding. In another from just a few months earlier, Vickerman expressed elation that a young boy allegedly rolled down his window while stuck in traffic and yelled “call me!” to Vickerman, after which he blew her a kiss.

A few months before that, Vickerman announced to her followers that she had attended an early screening of the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which she wrote “was filthy (sick) with young skinny nerdy boys” followed by a heart – the word “filthy” being an apparent typo for the intended word filled.

While it could be that all of this is actually far more innocent than it would appear on the surface, many are questioning Vickerman’s true intentions, especially since she has been involved in creating numerous shows aimed at young children.

Twelve Forever reportedly centers around a 12-year-old boy named Reggie whose desire is “to remain a child” and “never [have] to grow up.” This child, along with his friends Todd and Esther, essentially create a fantasy world in which they are able “to live out their superhero fantasies and escape the responsibilities of impending adulthood …”

Perhaps this is a metaphor for what Vickerman is doing herself by focusing on underage children? Your guess is as good as ours. But one thing is for sure: This type of strangeness would seem to be par for the course at Netflix.

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