How can homeopathic treatments help with Lyme disease?

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(Natural News) Lyme disease is one of the many epidemics that has plagued the United States in recent years. Residents of areas infested by ticks are at considerable risk of contracting the illness. Fortunately, homeopathy offers natural and effective ways.

First identified in 1883, Lyme disease originated from pathogenic bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. Ticks serve as the primary vector of the disease, with deer ticks that feast on mammalian blood being the most common culprit.

Prevention is the best cure for any disease. People who live or work in wooded areas must wear protective clothing and apply all-natural tick repellents to any exposed skin. They also need to regularly inspect themselves for any ticks that might have ended up on their clothes and body, preferably before the bloodsucking buggers sink their anchor-like mandibles into the skin and make their removal much more difficult and painful to boot.

Sometimes, however, even the best-laid plans go awry. In case a person ends up getting bitten by ticks, they need to know the warning signs of the disease and be ready with the cures. (Related: Natural cures for Lyme disease: Essential oils from garlic and other herbs.)

What are the symptoms of Lyme disease?

The first symptoms of the bacterial disease start popping up a week or two after the bite. While not everyone will exhibit the same responses to the onset of Lyme disease, the symptoms are generally reliable.

One of the most common and visible signs is a skin rash that resembles a bull’s eye on a target. The irritated area will be small at first, but it can spread to 12 inches at its fullest.


Patients can develop pain in their joints as the inflammation reaches those areas. They can also experience symptoms similar to a bout of influenza, including fever and headaches.

Other symptoms are neurological, meaning they affect the neurons of the nervous system. A patient with Lyme disease is prone to disruptions in sleeping patterns and sudden changes in mood. He or she can also lose memories and get hit by brief but scary episodes of paralysis.

Patients can also experience irregularities in their heart rates, discover infections in their eyes, and even end up with hepatitis. These rare but severe symptoms underline the danger posed by Lyme disease.

These homeopathic approaches can help resolve Lyme disease for good

Homeopathic treatments help fight off the B. burgdorferi infection and reduce the risk of repeats. They work by strengthening the immune system and activating the self-healing abilities of the body. By improving and triggering the natural defenses of the patient, homeopathy can reverse the state of ill health and prevent the return of that disease.

Homeopaths prescribe Ledum palustre (marsh labrador tea) when a patient starts experiencing bull’s eye rash, fever, headaches, and joint pains. The herbal medicine alleviates puncture wounds, especially the bites and stings of insects.

Heat therapy is another possible way to treat Lyme disease. Twice a day, a patient can immerse in a hot tub, sauna, or steam bath to raise his or her body temperature to 102 F. He or she must also drink diaphoretic herbal tea to help expel the toxins through sweat. A typical therapeutic session can last for up to 20 minutes.

Homeopathic practitioners design a customized treatment based on their analysis of the patient. Their prescriptions include miasmatic remedies that achieve their effects over long periods, symptomatic-relief ones that alleviate the current symptoms of the disease, and constitutional treatments that will train the immune system to recognize Lyme disease in the future. They also incorporate herbal remedies that speed up immune responses without the side effects of pharmaceutic drugs.

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