Coagulating, TOXIC canola oil and the “and/or” ingredient labeling trick – explained

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Image: Coagulating, TOXIC canola oil and the “and/or” ingredient labeling trick – explained

(Natural News) You’ve seen it before, but did it register in your brain correctly? When you read the ingredients to a product and it lists the oils as such: “sunflower oil, safflower oil, and/or canola oil.” This means that canola oil may just be the ONLY oil used, if you decipher the tricky diction correctly. Why is this important to understand? Most consumers who keep up with cutting-edge health news know that canola oil is very far from being “heart healthy” as the slogan has denoted for a couple decades now. It’s time you learn about the dangers of all canola, and not just conventional, but organic too.

Some consumers think anything organic is “good to go.” But just because it doesn’t have pesticides doesn’t mean it doesn’t have heavy metal toxins, gluten, or something that clogs your blood – like canola does. Even USDA certified organic and expeller-pressed canola oil coagulates over time and causes weight gain, heart problems, memory loss and yes, dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease). It also decreases learning ability. Are your kids eating canola oil daily?

So they say there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, but what if you simply don’t consume canola oil or other products containing aluminum (including many vaccines, antacids, deodorants, antiperspirants)? Is prevention a cure if you don’t have a disease yet? We would like to think so.

So why do they (Big Food) need to trick us – the consumers?

When a company or product gets a bad name, companies figure out ways to trick the consumers who might stop spending their hard-earned dollars on dangerous, health-debilitating products. Some food manufacturers and processors simply change the name, or add some friendly-sounding slogan, like “heart healthy,” “as a preservative” or “for added flavor.”


Regarding canola oil, millions of consumers are starting to hear about the research and studies being conducted, and the results are horrifying. That’s why many food sellers and distributors are labeling the oils on products, especially potato chips and corn chips, in a deceptive way. They list other oils being used and then tack on “and/or” before the ingredient canola oil. That way consumers think they’re getting less canola or even none at all.

However, if you went to college for English, or even paid close attention in high school, you might remember that “and/or” could mean only the second one is included. How much canola oil are you sucking back daily? Is it affecting your thinking skills, to the point that you don’t even read food labels much anymore?

Big Food is out to fool us all. They collaborate with the sick care industrial complex (Big Pharma), and drive business straight to them. Why does Big Food push canola oil so much? There are six main reasons:

#1. Canola is super cheap

#2. Almost all canola oil is GMO (genetically modified to contain pesticides that cause cancer and dementia)

#3. Canola is getting a bad name fast, and for good reasons, as it’s harmful to the brain and heart

#4. They want you sick, so Big Pharma can cash in on your “stupidity”

#5. Most people can’t decipher the tricky wording, or never try

#6. It sounds like maybe they don’t even use canola much of the time, so people just brush it off, thinking it won’t harm them

Canola oil has been touted as a healthy oil for more than two decades in America. Commercial after commercial we hear it. It’s all been a huge farce. Canola plants are not natural to this world. They come from the rapeseed, which is toxic to all living animals, including insects.

Most people have NO IDEA that canola oil coagulates in your blood and causes weight gain, memory loss, heart trouble, and dementia

Many years ago, a Canadian scientist figured out how to lower the toxic acid content in rapeseed so the FDA would approve it for consumption in America. And we all know the FDA not only doesn’t care about American health, they despise it. The FDA is a business and the people who run it used to run Big Food and Biotech companies. They are cashing in on consumer ignorance and approving toxins for consumption right and left.

Watch out for those “food bars” at restaurants and even Whole Foods. They love to load up the mixed salads with canola oil. Tune into and learn about other products besides canola that you need to ditch ASAP. This has been a public service message from Natural News.

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