Men, give your prostate a clean bill of health using natural treatments

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Image: Men, give your prostate a clean bill of health using natural treatments

(Natural News) It is important for men to take good care of their prostate gland. This becomes more critical as a man grows older and the gland becomes more prone to developing various disorders. There are a number of natural ways to support prostate health without resorting to pharmaceutical or surgical approaches.

Prostate-related problems plague more than 30 million men. These dysfunctions include the merely troublesome enlargement of the gland, the more serious and painful inflammation (a disorder called prostatis), and the potentially deadly prostate cancer.

Studies have shown a correlation between prostate cancer and nutritional intake. Based on the proposal that prostate problems can be traced to nutritional deficiencies, the dysfunctions can be reduced or even entirely avoided by switching from unhealthy meals to nutritious foods.

Try to reduce the amount of meat and fat in your diet. Instead, consume more plant-based foods that are rich in selenium, soy proteins, and vitamin E. Low-fat diets that have plenty of these nutrients correlate to lower risks of prostate diseases. (Related: Camu camu fruits are rich in an anthocyanin that stops tumors from growing.)

Try the berry extract of the saw palmetto to shrink your swollen prostate

The saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a dwarf palm found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the United States. Native Americans have used different parts of the plant for various purposes. Traditional medicine men always carried the edible berries in their bags as an important ingredient for natural antiseptics.


The berries can be turned into an extract that shares the name of the plant. Saw palmetto extract is prescribed as a natural treatment for various urogenital disorders, such as prostate dysfunctions.

A 1996 study by Pierre Fabre Médicament compared the beneficial effects of saw palmetto to finasteride, a pharmaceutical drug prescribed for benign prostate hyperplasia and male pattern baldness. The berry extract lacks the harmful side effects attributed to finasteride, such as sex-related issues and risks of developing male breast cancer.

Homeopathy offers natural extracts that reduce the pain of prostate dysfunctions

The Materia Medica recommends several homeopathic remedies for prostate problems. It cites staphysagria and thuja as natural methods of treating the painful swelling of the prostate.

Staphysagria is the homeopathic term for larkspur (Delphinium staphisagria), which is also called lice-bane or stavesacre. A concoction derived from this plant is recommended for disorders that are caused by suppressed emotions.

Thuja refers to a genus of conifers that are related to the cypresses. The leaves and leaf oil of these trees are used as herbal medicine for respiratory tract diseases and relieving pain.

Extracts from these two medicinal plants can help sooth irritation in the urinary and genital systems. The pain stems from the swelling of the prostate gland, which staphysagria and thuja concoctions can regulate to more manageable levels.

Take ginseng, the traditional Chinese herb that supports prostate health

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest and versatile medical systems in the world. A certified practitioner will be able to recommend several tonic herbs that support the natural state and normal functions of the prostate gland.

The likeliest prescription is ginseng (Panax ginseng). This traditional medicinal herb is considered a super-food and a powerful health supplement. The herbal tonic made from this root can help decrease the swelling of your prostate and return it to normal.

Before you take any of these natural treatments, you should first get your prostate examined by a health care provider. As you grow older, you should also get prostate-screening exams on a regular basis to catch signs of prostate cancer and other diseases of this important gland.

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