Naturally relieve a nosebleed with these potent acupressure points

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Image: Naturally relieve a nosebleed with these potent acupressure points

(Natural News) Your nose contains a network of tiny and sensitive blood vessels. If any of these blood vessels were to be damaged, it would result in a nosebleed. Medically termed as “epistaxis,” nosebleeds are a common condition among children and adults. There are many remedies that can help treat nosebleeds, such as the ancient healing art of acupressure.

Nosebleeds, while terrifying to some, are no cause for immediate alarm. They can happen frequently during cold or dry weather. They can also be triggered by allergies, sinus infections, environmental irritants, common colds and an excessive use of nasal sprays. However, if you are not in the presence of any of these triggers and you still experience frequent nosebleeds, then this might be some cause for concern as it could be an indication of a more serious illness, such as hypertension, leukemia, or arteriosclerosis. Acupressure can help relieve mild cases of nosebleeds and other ailments. (Related: Reduce the severity of these common medical emergencies with 8 acupressure treatments while help arrives.)

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), nosebleeds are believed to be due to over-heated blood or excessive heat in the upper body. Nosebleeds are considered to be the body’s response to this heat as it tries to drain it out of the body through the nose.

Acupressure points for treating nosebleeds

Here are some potent acupressure points that can help relieve nosebleeds:

  • Governing Vessel 26. This point is termed Middle of a Person and is one of the most important acupressure points for bringing quick relief to nosebleeds. You can find this point just below your nose and two-thirds way above your upper lip. Once you have found it, simply apply a firm pressure on the point on the upper gum for one minute while breathing deeply. It is useful as a first aid revival point for patients who feel dizzy or faint.
  • Stomach Meridian 3. Also known as Facial Beauty, this point is useful for the prevention nosebleeds. You can locate this point on both sides of your face at the bottom of your cheekbones, just below the pupil of your eye. You can stimulate this point by using your index finger to lightly press down on the slight hollow beneath your cheekbones for one minute. Do this while breathing deeply in a relaxed manner. It can help to relieve nasal and head congestion, sinus pain, eye problems, toothaches, facial paralysis due to stroke, and inflammation of the cheeks and knees.
  • Bladder Point 1. Relieve nosebleeds by stimulating your Eyes Bright point. This point can be found in the indented spot at the inner corner of your eye and just above your tear ducts. Once you have found it, you can stimulate this point by using your thumb and index finger to apply a steady pressure on the inner corners of both eyes for one minute. Breathe deeply in a relaxed manner as you do this. This is another useful first aid point that can help quell severe nosebleeds and help treat a wide range of eye problems, such as early-stage cataracts, glaucoma, blurred vision, color blindness, poor night vision, and myopia.
  • Large Intestine 4. This point is known by other names, such as Union Valley or Joining Valley. You can locate this point right at the peak spot of the muscle where your thumb and index finger join together. Stimulate this point by spreading your thumb and index finger far apart and using your fingers to press down on the fleshy region for one minute. It is helpful in alleviating headaches, sinus pain, and nosebleeds.


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