Parents share their struggle of obtaining life-saving CBD oil after all pharma drugs failed their daughter

Image: Parents share their struggle of obtaining life-saving CBD oil after all pharma drugs failed their daughter

(Natural News) Stories of how cannabis has helped improve the lives of those dealing with various illnesses and diseases have been well-documented, despite being hidden by the mainstream media for fear of exposing the truth about Big Pharma. Those that have been doing their homework are well aware that there are lots of health benefits associated with consuming cannabis and we have yet another real-life instance in order to back up the firm beliefs.

Nova, a 5-year-old from Austin, Texas, had been suffering from Schizencephaly since birth, which left her “without a pituitary gland, legally blind, and with a large unilateral cleft consisting of almost the whole right side of her brain.” As one would expect, Nova’s parents did everything in their power to improve the living conditions of their daughter. After Big Pharma drugs like benzodiazepines proved to be worthless, the family relocated to Colorado where they could obtain CBD oil to give to their daughter.

While the initial high-CDB oil treatment actually made Nova’s seizures worse, she was then given a plant extract that was low in CBD but high in THC. Thankfully, these treatments helped significantly and it wasn’t long before Nova’s condition had improved significantly.

Justin Gardner of Natural Blaze reports, “About eight months after starting cannabis treatment, Nova had to go to the hospital, but the reason was nothing short of miraculous. Nova’s pituitary gland actually started working on its own, producing endocrine hormones necessary for life. Nova had a secondary condition related to Schizencephaly known as Panhypopituitarism, described as ‘a condition of inadequate or absent production of the anterior pituitary hormones.'”

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While Nova’s story is an inspiring one, it is one of many when it comes to cannabis products. Many people all over the United States — all over the world — have been exposed to the benefits of consuming the natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, these stories have mostly gone unheard thanks to the mainstream media’s collusion with Big Pharma. This corruption is so widespread that they had, for the longest time, convinced the public at large that those who rejected chemical drugs were conspiracy theorists and lunatics. When you look back on this time, knowing what we know now, it is extremely upsetting.

There is hope that this will continue to become more and more common, though. President Donald Trump has already waged war on Big Pharma, questioning their integrity and exposing their corruption. It doesn’t appear as though he has any intention of letting them continue to get away with their attack on health. If this becomes one of Trump’s main goals as president, then it is only a matter of time before there’s a major shift in how our country views cannabis.

While the president admittedly has a lot to deal with and a lot of issues to cover, we should continue to hold Trump’s feet to the fire regarding the pharmaceutical industry. He wants desperately to be the people’s president and this is what the people want and need. If we continue to remind him that there are serious issues here, then he will be much more inclined to take action against the powers that be. CBD oil, medicial marijuana, and other cannabis products are the way of the future and it is only a matter of time before they become commonplace in American society.


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