Texas activists hoping for legalization of medical marijuana

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Image: Texas activists hoping for legalization of medical marijuana

(Natural News) When you think of Texas, a number of things probably come to mind, but liberty has to be at the top of the list. A state that still embodies many of the attitudes present in the days of the Wild West, Texas values individual freedoms over virtually everything else, and that’s part of what makes the Lone Star State such an incredible place.

That kind of freedom-loving spirit is present with a group of Texas activists who are currently fighting hard to have medical marijuana legalized in their state. Despite the fact that the legalization of medical marijuana is not on the ballot in Texas, the recent passing of the Texas Compassionate Use Act has many advocates of cannabis hopeful that their state will soon open their eyes to just how helpful the plant can be.

As reported by Royden Ogletree of KHOU, Texas State Representative Dade Phelan stated, “If we can prescribe some of the many pharmaceutical drugs we prescribe now, that are legal, that are as addictive as anything else out there on the market, we ought to look at all options for our patients here in Texas … I wouldn’t say so much the liberalization of marijuana, as much as a compassion for those who are dying or those who are ill.”

Given the fact that thousands upon thousands of people die every year from pharmaceutical drugs, it’s about time that the federal government took notice of just how dangerous Big Pharma has become. They are peddling drugs that lead to nothing but addiction and an early death, yet they refuse to even acknowledge the possibility that natural alternatives to their chemicals exist. If you were to believe their lies, you would probably think that marijuana is a life-ruining poison without even the slightest health benefit.

Now, that is completely ridiculous. Studies have proven time and time again that there are legitimate health benefits that come with the use of cannabis. Regardless of whether or not marijuana has a number of positive uses — and it does — it isn’t the federal government’s place to decide what the American people should and should not be allowed to use. If we are free people like they claim we are, then we should be allowed to use cannabis if we so please.

While the presidential election is what is on most of our minds, we should be sure to elect politicians that are going to do their part to support individual liberties. There’s no reason why marijuana shouldn’t be legalized in 2016. Remember that when you cast your votes…






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