AI system cloning of human voices reaches creepy new level of achievement… now you can never trust that what you hear is HUMAN

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Image: AI system cloning of human voices reaches creepy new level of achievement… now you can never trust that what you hear is HUMAN

(Natural News) Thanks to a company called Eleven Labs (, it is now possible to clone almost any voice in minutes, then feed that voice a text block that will be pronounced / performed in that AI voice. Remarkably, the Eleven Labs voice synthesis model is so advanced that it “reads” (pronounces) written text in a way that is almost indiscernible from a human performance.

Although there are many rudimentary TTS (Text To Speech) systems available today, most of them suffer from horribly robotic-sounding, monotonous voices that lack the rhythm and tonal flow that characterizes normal human speech. The Eleven Labs system doesn’t merely process one word at a time; it processes blocks of text in a holistic fashion, allowing it to produce pauses, tonal inflections and end-of-sentence pitch changes that make a system sound human. (I am a musician and audio engineer, as you may know, and I’m very sensitive to voice intonation and speech patterns. I can identify most famous celebrities by their voice alone.)

I allowed Eleven Labs to clone my voice

To demonstrate the power and practicality of this new voice system — which has both positive and negative consequences for society, see below — I joined Eleven Labs as a paying customer and uploaded samples of my voice to create an “instant voice” via cloning. Within minutes, I had a usable cloned voice that I could feed text sentences which would be performed as audible speech. The service allows you to download the resulting audio files as mp3.

All this cost me less than $5. And the first month was free. There is essentially zero barrier to entry for anyone wanting to do the same thing.


Today’s Situation Update podcast starts off with my AI voice performing the podcast intro. To see how convincing this voice is, give this podcast a listen:

The creepy new world of convincing deep fake voices has arrived

What Eleven Labs has achieved in voice synthesis has many productive and positive uses, of course. All sorts of robotic systems or automation systems can benefit from this technology, and content creators who have very limited budgets can use these AI voices to generate narration, audio books, automated news reading utilities and more. It has enormous implications for the visually impaired, too.

At the same time, like any technology, this AI voice synthesis system can also be used with malicious intent. With nothing more than a one-minute sample of a person’s voice, almost anyone can use Eleven Labs technology to clone their voice and have it produce convincing audio performances of almost any text block entered into the system.

The tech could be used to make President Trump say he wants to fly to Mars and live there, or to have Joe Biden sound like he’s talking in a coherent way that makes sense (which, by itself, might seem creepy). Similarly, the tech could be used to generate faked voice “recordings” of famous people uttering horrific things, such as Tom Brady saying how much he hates football, for example, or Rep. Ilhan Omar talking about how much she hates America. (Or maybe that needs no AI voice at all…)

And this means that from this day forward, we can no longer trust what we hear to be authentic. It’s sort of fitting, actually, since we already live in a world with fake news, rigged elections, fake vaccine science, fake currency, faked genders, faked history and fake ‘bots producing fake likes on Fakebook (er, I mean Facebook). Almost everything that enters our consciousness in society today is altered, rigged or in some way inauthentic, from the CDC paying celebrities to pimp vaccines to Federal Reserve banksters telling us that the dollar is an excellent store of value. (Or the New York Times fabricating stories about “Russia collusion” with Trump, which we now know was complete fiction.)

What the Eleven Labs voice synthesis engine means is that now we have to be extra careful about what we believe we are hearing. Just because you hear a voice that sounds like Kim Kardashian touting a fashion hand bag — oh God please turn that noise off! — doesn’t mean she actually said that.

Combine AI voices with ChatGPT and half the white collar work force is now obsolete

When you combine AI voice synthesis with the generative capabilities of ChatGPT, the AI knowledge system that generates human-sounding text, you make about half of today’s white collar workers obsolete.

Conventional doctors, for example, that do little more than assess symptoms and push Big Pharma pills on patients, are now obsolete. ChatGPT can do a much better job, and Eleven Labs voices can make ChatGPT sound almost fully human.

Similarly, many attorneys, accountants and government workers are obsolete at this point, since their jobs can be easily replaced with ChatGPT + Eleven Labs AI voice synthesis.

The people who won’t be obsolete are those who engage in non-algorithmic professions and creative processes, such as naturopathic physicians, non-scripted content creators, artists, inventors and so on. This brings me to an important realization that needs to be shared, if not shouted: If you don’t want to be made obsolete by rapidly advancing AI systems, do something that’s fully human, something that can’t be easily replicated with an algorithm.

Put another way, people who currently carry out simple, repetitive jobs will soon be replaced with AI systems. So-called “journalists” who merely read teleprompters and perform scripted news propaganda for the cameras — i.e. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc. — will soon be replaced by AI systems that render both voices and faces in real time. Convincingly.

Perhaps this is part of the reason why the globalists on our planet are pursuing a policy of worldwide depopulation, hoping to eliminate around 7 billion people from planet Earth. They call for this under the name of climate change and “saving the planet,” but the real explanation may be far simpler: Billions of people are obsolete, in their view, and they no longer need them around. Getting rid of them quickly allows the surviving elite to inherit more resources, more land and clear skies, they tell themselves.

To hear more analysis, listen to today’s Situation Update. It’s more than 99% fully human, with only a touch of AI voice synthesis as noted:

– AI cloned my voice from an audio sample, and it sounds convincingly similar
– Beware of deep fake audio clips because ANYONE’S voice can be easily cloned and faked
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– #PayPal cuts 2,000 jobs after deplatforming thousands of conservatives
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– Biden blocks Minnesota mining potential, signs deal with child labor countries
– Because going “green” means exploiting children in third world nations





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