Eerie coincidence or smoking gun? Daszak warned WHO in 2018 that next pandemic would be caused by unknown, novel pathogen new to humans

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Image: Eerie coincidence or smoking gun? Daszak warned WHO in 2018 that next pandemic would be caused by unknown, novel pathogen new to humans

(Natural News) Disease ecology expert Peter Daszak, who has a PhD in zoology and specializes in parasites that attack reptiles, was one of the first people to know about the existence of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). This is the same man who financed a whole collection of viruses found in bat urine, feces and blood, that could spill over from nature directly to humans when given gain-of-function capabilities. Also the president of EcoHealth Alliance, the (fake) front group for pandemic prevention, Daszak joined the World Health Organization (WHO) team sent to investigate the origins of the very pandemic (scamdemic) he apparently pushed to create through major financing and in-depth research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Can anyone say “conflict of interest” without coughing into a bacteria-breeding COVID mask?

Daszak warned WHO in 2018 that next pandemic would be caused by a novel pathogen 

Who better to fund all the key players of the “plandemic” than the son of a Nazi death camp executioner? Who else might be more interested in wiping out entire populations of people deemed as weak and subhuman? Yes, Daszak’s father was a hardcore Nazi war criminal, a member of the Ukranian Nazi party, who volunteered as an executioner at Janowska concentration death camp. Those forces were captured by the British, but his father was released into the U.K. population later.

It appears that COVID-19 and the so-called “vaccines” are both designed to kill people who already are inflicted with weak immune system function, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia, obesity and other preventable diseases and disorders. The mRNA injections fuel severe and chronic inflammation, vascular clots and cancer cell multiplication. This is obviously a form of population reduction and genocide, insidiously disguised as medicine. Rather than capture millions of people in concentration camps and “ghettos,” Big Pharma decided to have everyone just line up for gene therapy injections, after being scared to death by a media-hyped novel virus pandemic.


It’s more than blatantly obvious Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance have their hands quite dirty in the planning of all of this. In fact, Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance was the only U.S.-based group researching coronavirus “evolution” (gain-of-function) and its transmission in China. And who was the group’s partner there? Wait for it… the Wuhan lab, that the U.S. granted millions of dollars for research and “emergency extensions” in 2019. It gets worse. All of this dangerous research into helping an animal-based virus jump from horseshoe bats to infect human lungs (over 20,000 samples) was stored at Wuhan’s BSL-2 lab, with not much more hazard security than your average doctor or dentist office.

Daszak is on the record describing how they created the pandemic from scratch: “We sequenced the spine protein, the protein that attaches to cells, and then you create pseudo particles, insert proteins from the viruses that combined to human cells. Each step of this you move closer and closer to could the virus becomes pathogenic in people. You narrow down the field. You end up with a small number of viruses that really do look like killers,” he said. That’s more than just a smoking gun, that’s a DNA footprint of the biggest crime of the century – of the millennium.

Daszak authors paper entitled “Giving a SARS-like virus the ability to infect humans”

Poised for human emergence” was the set-up call – the cover story – before the scamdemic was sent around the planet, and to the U.S., inside humans on cruise boats. Coronavirus has genocidal characteristics, as it is prone to infect fat cells and immune cells within body fat. This is why it’s so lethal for the obese. Remember, every third American is overweight, and half of those folks are considered obese, so do the math – that’s 42 percent of the country. Also, minorities, including Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans, have higher obesity rates. This is why natural health advocates call it the “plandemic.” It’s no conspiracy theory, as these people were targeted, specifically.

Plus, most people who died from Fauci Flu have been the elderly. Hitler too targeted the elderly for termination, not to mention any children with mental health issues, autism or handicaps: think vaccine-damaged kids now. Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on the next gain-of-function tsunami that’s on the way, thanks to these evil schemers.

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