Biden supports child mutilation, says banning dangerous transition-related treatments is IMMORAL

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Image: Biden supports child mutilation, says banning dangerous transition-related treatments is IMMORAL

(Natural News) President Joe Biden has offered his support for child mutilation, while denouncing Republican efforts to limit or ban transition-related treatments for transgender and nonbinary youth.

“I don’t think any state or anybody should have the right to do that. As a moral question and as a legal question, I just think it’s wrong,” Biden said when asked about the growing number of red states that have passed laws limiting access to what they call gender-affirming care.

He made those remarks while taking part in a presidential forum featuring six liberal activists.

Biden also mentioned his late son, Beau, who served as Delaware attorney general until his death from brain cancer in 2015. Beau, the president noted, “passed the broadest piece of legislation” that dealt with all genders-affirming capabilities, which he was able to convince the legislature and the governor to sign.

“Sometimes, they try to block you from being able to access certain medicines, being able to access certain procedures, and so on,” Biden said. “I mean, no state should be able to do that, in my view. So, I feel very, very strongly that you should have every single solitary right including use of your gender-identity bathrooms in public.”

He reiterated his disapproval of those efforts later in the discussion. “It’s really important that we continue to speak out about the basic fundamental rights of all human beings,” he said. “The idea that what’s going on in some states – I won’t get into the politics of it – but in some states, it’s outrageous, and I think it’s immoral. The trans part’s not immoral. What they’re trying to do to trans persons is immoral.”

Brighteon.TV defines immoral as “violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.” Children mutilation was never the norm, so the word immoral fits better with people like Biden who constantly encourage transgender and nonbinary youth to go through potentially dangerous procedures.

LGBT advocacy groups and civil rights advocates said the bans are discriminatory, with many pointing out that lawmakers sponsoring the bills haven’t cited anything problematic enough to merit barring such care.

GOP lawmakers who are pushing for the ban, on the other hand, argued that these treatments are dangerous and that they have the potential to cause irreversible changes in younger patients.

Most of the bills that Republicans offered in their state houses across the country have focused on such ban in treatments for transgender and nonbinary youth – not adults.

Access to gender mutilation surgeries can easily leave children unable to reproduce, or even urinate properly, for life. Many teens and young adults also suffer from horrible regret after sex change operations, which could not be reversed, and some end up committing suicide.

Moreover, the hormone pills that are used to get these surgeries are cancer-inducing chemical castration drugs.

Former trans: I was failed by the system – I literally lost organs

Chloe Cole, a teen who is born female, transitioned to male as a young teen. She later “detransitioned” and said based on experience that Biden’s stance on the matter could lead more young people down the road toward irreversible medical treatments.

“What Biden was saying is dangerous. He’s trying to advocate for further experimentation on children,” Cole warned.

Cole began identifying as a boy at 12, started puberty blockers and testosterone treatment at 13 and had an elective double mastectomy at 15 to masculinize her chest.

However, she started regretting the surgeries at 16, which she said were spurred by insecurities about her appearance and the influence of social media, rather than gender dysphoria.

She blamed the medical professionals for failing to question or prevent her rapid transition. (Related: Mother sues transgender clinic for lying about “safety” of hormone blockers for kids.)

“I was failed by the system – I literally lost organs,” she said in a previous interview.

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Watch the video below to learn more about Biden’s stance about transgenderism in American children and youth.

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