Mother sues transgender clinic for lying about “safety” of hormone blockers for kids

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Image: Mother sues transgender clinic for lying about “safety” of hormone blockers for kids

(Natural News) A mother from Great Britain is suing the Tavistock Clinic in Leeds for administering to very young children “experimental” transgender pharmaceuticals that a recent study determined to be “devastating” and “irreversible.”

A prominent state-funded “gender” clinic in the U.K., Tavistock is centered around “transitioning” underage children into “other” genders using puberty blockers, which Tavistock has long claimed is a reversible process. But as it turns out, these procedures are not reversible, and end up ruining kids’ lives.

The lawsuit alleges that Tavistock is pushing these treatments on children using “inaccurate and potentially misleading” information. “Mrs. A,” as the mother is calling herself in anonymity, has a 15-year-old child of her own at Tavistock who’s being victimized by these very procedures, which she wants to see stopped.

A mental health nurse by the name of Sue Evans is joining Mrs. A as a plaintiff in the case, having worked at Tavistock from 2003 to 2007. Evans told U.K. media that she had some major concerns while working at the clinic, including the fact that hormone treatments were administered with “disturbing swiftness” to child patients.

Several months back, another former Tavistock employee also came forward with disturbing information about how children are routinely exploited at the clinic.

“It is a problem that GIDS (Gender Identity Development Service) clinicians are making decisions that will have a major impact on children and young people’s bodies and on their lives,” wrote psychologist Kirsty Entwistle in an open letter to Tavistock director Polly Carmichael.


“Potentially the rest of their lives, without a robust evidence base,” she further added.

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Tavistock refuses to divulge serious risks and side effects of transgender “treatments” to its child patients

In Mrs. A’s case, her daughter was given the go-ahead to start hormone blockers despite having never been told the risks. Mrs. A’s daughter gave her consent, but this consent was not informed as it should have been under the law.

“There are many parents, like me, who are anxiously trying to support their children,” contends Mrs. A, adding that “no one, let alone my daughter, understands the risks.”

“We want the best for our children, but we need this to be from a position of evidence-based, not experimental, medicine.”

The same dire situation is transpiring in the United States with public education systems all across the country now actively indoctrinating youth into becoming transgenders. It’s becoming so pervasive that one group set up a “Stop K-12 Indoctrination” website to sound the alarm about this nefarious agenda.

Pushback is really starting to grow, in other words – but will it be enough? Will this lawsuit, assuming it’s a success, set a new precedent against allowing kids to decide for themselves whether or not to take irreversible gender-change drugs? It’s difficult to say.

Jonathon Van Maren of The Van Maren Show worries that the legal system in the U.K. might not take the case seriously. Or worse yet, it could end up caving to trans activists like so many others have, capitulating to angry folks whom Van Maren says “behave like mafia gangs.”

“This lawsuit will have to be pursued very carefully, and we’ll have to pray for a fair-minded judge,” Van Maren writes. “It is no exaggeration to say that the futures of many, many children hang in the balance.”

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