Health Ranger fights back against fraudulent use of his lab testing certification for clean foods

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Image: Health Ranger fights back against fraudulent use of his lab testing certification for clean foods

(Natural News) For the past five years, a survival food company called NuManna that used to have what seemed like a good and honest working relationship with Natural News and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has been caught lying to customers about its products.

Labeling on products like the “Organic Family Pack” claim that these storable food items have been tested at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab using special ICP-MS equipment. This was true in 2016 when NuManna first forged a partnership with the Health Ranger, but stopped being true in 2017 and beyond when the company broke its contract.

In a nutshell, NuManna failed to send regular batches of food product to the Health Ranger for testing as stipulated in the contract. Each new batch of product was supposed to be sent to the Health Ranger prior to its public release, but that never happened after 2016.

It appears as though NuManna decided to only get the initial round of testing done when the partnership was first created. After that, the company continued applying testing labels to each new batch of product even though no further batches were ever tested. (Related: The Health Ranger previously announced an investigation into the safety profiles of various CBD hemp extract products.)

Were you sold fraudulently labeled NuManna storable food? Here’s how you can take action

What NuManna has been doing is fraud, plain and simple. And the Health Ranger says he is ready to prosecute the company for breaking its contract and deceiving customers into believing that every batch of NuManna storable food product has been tested by his lab when that is simply not the case.


It is critical for our readers to investigate the details of the case and get involved, especially if they themselves purchased NuManna products during the timeframe of 2017 until now, as they may be entitled to a full refund.

Take some time to read through the details published by the Health Ranger as to what happened and what you can do in pursuit of justice.

NuManna not only broke its explicit contract with the Health Ranger, it also broke its unstated contract with customers who trusted that the company’s storable food products had been tested for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other forms of chemical contamination.

Even though NuManna’s storable food products are, in fact, certified organic, this does not necessarily mean that they are clean of all the things the Health Ranger tests for at his lab.

Organic food products, it turns out, can still contain deadly contaminants like glyphosate, for instance. While glyphosate is prohibited from being used on organic crops, it can still seep from other nearby farms or water supplies into organic crop fields, effectively contaminating them.

The Health Ranger seal of approval for testing goes above and beyond the Certified Organic labeling provisioned by the government, in other words. It offers an even higher level of reassurance that a food product is truly safe and clean of all the things the organic labeling overlooks.

This is why NuManna’s continued use of the Health Ranger label is so egregious. It leads customers to the false belief that the product they purchased was tested extensively for chemical contaminants that they may be specifically trying to avoid.

NuManna customers have been paying a premium for these untested products, and they deserve restitution for this deception. That is the motivation behind blowing the lid on this fraud, which we cannot continue to allow without saying something about it.

“NuManna is a very dishonest company run by extremely dishonest people,” says the Health Ranger. “Their names are Daniel Brigman (the owner) and Todd Fairbourne, the operations manager.”

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