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Image: The Resistance Chicks: America’s Founding Fathers were Christian nationalists – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) The Resistance Chicks Michelle and Leah Svensson told their viewers that America’s Founding Fathers were Christian nationalists who quoted the Holy Bible in the documents they composed.

Michelle opened the Oct. 9 episode of “Headline News: The Resistance Chicks” on Brighteon.TV by reiterating that the power of God is moving in the U.S., despite the uncertainties going on in the world such as the threat of nuclear war and economic collapse. She added that the Founding Fathers believed all of these uncertainties can be handled through the power of God.

Leah, the elder sister, explained that the Founding Fathers were Christian nationalists who had built America upon biblical, legal and educational foundations. The country, she added, is a Christian nation whose foundation is solely and completely based upon men and women who were living out the Word of God.

“The Bible was the most quoted book by the Founding Fathers, but in the early 1900s secularists hijacked the American school system with the expressed goal of rewriting American history to take all mention of God and His Divine Hand of Providence out of the curriculum,” Leah stated. (Related: Pete Buttigieg demands revisions of history to scrub the name of Thomas Jefferson from the American landscape… because Leftists HATE America’s founding.)

The elder Svensson sister pointed out that while most patriots are ready to legally take on the Deep State, they have to fight them with the power of God. She also lamented that 80 percent of Christians who send their children to public schools were woefully under-educated. These same Christians, Leah added, lost many court cases because they do not know how to stand on the same principles that guided the great minds that created America’s founding documents.


Founding Fathers quoted the Bible in key documents

Michelle, the younger sister, said the Founding Fathers often quoted the Bible. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, their personal writings and other documents composed by the Founding Fathers were drenched with the Scripture, she added.

The elder sister interjected, remarking that the first full manifestation of modern nationalism happened in 17th century England during the Puritan revolution. Leah also noted that England had become the leading nation in scientific spirit, commercial enterprise and political thought and activity during that time.

In turn, English nationalism gave way to the Christian nationalist idea that there was a divine hand in England itself. Leah continued that the rise of English nationalism led to freedom and the idea of the common man having common rights, which influenced American and French nationalism.

She also mentioned that the Founding Fathers’ belief in Christian nationalism started with the ideas of English philosopher John Locke and English poet John Milton. According to Milton no one was ordained to rule over anyone since all men were naturally born free.

Michelle explained the influence of Locke, who espoused freedom, individuality and rights before God. While people used to understand the impact of Locke before, she lamented that it was wiped out in just a short period of time. The younger Svensson sister then urged viewers to check out Locke’s “Two Treatises of Government.”

The first treatise of Locke’s work, according to Britannica, debunked the so-called “divine right of kings.” The second treatise defined political power as a “right” of making laws and enforcing them for “the public good.”

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