Echoing demonic globalists, this Southern Baptist minister says nation has to “repent” for “sins” of “nationalism” and “white supremacy”

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Image: Echoing demonic globalists, this Southern Baptist minister says nation has to “repent” for “sins” of “nationalism” and “white supremacy”

(Natural News) If you’re like us, dear reader, you’re pretty sick and tired of being recklessly besmirched, maligned, and inappropriately accused of being ‘racist,’ ‘nationalist,’ and any other “-ist” that some Left-wing lunatic hack can hurl your way. 

Such accusations are not just inappropriate, wrong, and aggravating for the vast majority of white people, they are unnecessarily divisive as well. 

But a white female Baptist minister, Beth Moore, just took the outrageous insults to a new level: She claims that unless whites “repent” from those “sins,” including “sexism,” then our country is in deep doo-doo. 

“The consciences of both political parties in our nation have been seared. We faith leaders are in a crisis of crumbling moral courage. My great concern is the church at this appointed hour, not the White House. The church is meant to be a prophetic voice. Not a puppet or puppeteer,” she wrote on Twitter, Big League Politics reported.

“Faith leaders, let’s do our jobs. Not sell our souls. Let’s repent of our own sins. Sins of nationalism, racism, sexism, hatred, white supremacy, murder, our lying, our cheating, our bribing, our abuse of power, our blood thirst, our greed. Church, if we do not repent, who will?” She continued, wrapping up a lengthy tweet storm.

Is she kidding with this? 

Now granted, earlier in her Twitter storm, she noted that she wasn’t happy when she was a “registered Democrat” and Bill Clinton won in 1992, or in 2016 when she was a “registered Republican” and neither President Trump nor Hillary Clinton were “honorable.”

And one might be able to make the claim that Moore is seriously trying to criticize Left and Right.

But using the same buzz phrases and words that the Left always uses to condemn their political rivals does no good. In fact, all it does is further divide the country along partisan lines, no matter how you prefaced your comments. (Related: Campaign violence this year? Blame the extreme Left-wing of the Democratic Party.)


There is no reason for the chaos in our country

What’s more, once most people hear those words, they don’t listen to you anymore. They simply shut down, and then you don’t get through with your message, no matter how profound, spot-on, or necessary it is.

Doing so — using those key buzz phrases — also legitimizes illegitimate characterizations of an entire group of Americans. The vast majority of Americans — white, black, Hispanic, Asian — are not racists, they’re not sexists, they’re not bigots. 

And “nationalists?” Back in the day, Americans who loved their country above all others were called “patriots.” Today, that term is often used in a derogatory manner too, but “white” has been paired with “nationalist” in the age of President Trump to portray 63 million-plus Americans who voted for him as racists, homophobes, bigots, and generally awful people.

It’s disgusting. And it’s worse when a woman of Christian faith uses those terms to describe fellow Americans.

We are living in extraordinary times filled with contradictions, hypocrisies, and dichotomies.

President Trump and Republicans have managed to create one of the best economies our country has experienced in decades — and nearly our history. Every demographic is doing better, according to economic data. The stock market is setting records, meaning the retirement accounts for hundreds of millions of Americans are growing bigger.

Our country is at relative peace. There is no major war, and President Trump is the first commander-in-chief in several administrations who hasn’t started one.

Prosperity and peace generally combine to reduce political turmoil. But just the opposite is occurring.

Parts of the country openly defy federal law, openly challenge the federal government, and openly advocate violence and unrest. It makes no sense.

And here we have a Baptist minister feeding into the chaos we shouldn’t even be experiencing. It’s pointless.

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