NY father desperate to save 11-year-old child from forced gender “transition” speaks out

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Image: NY father desperate to save 11-year-old child from forced gender “transition” speaks out

(Natural News) A young girl from New York is at risk of being turned into a “boy,” thanks to the transgender desires of her mother and the state’s medical industry.

The girl’s father is trying to fight for her to remain her natural gender, but everyone else seems to want the child to have her female body parts severed or altered, as well as her female hormones obliterated, all so she can be transitioned into a “male.”

The father of the middle-schooler, whose name is being kept private to protect the family, said he has been instructed by the court system to refer to his daughter using her new chosen male name, along with a new set of “preferred pronouns.”

The girl’s mother wants her to be placed on puberty blockers immediately, which the girl’s father worries could stunt her development and lead to sterility. (Related: Another father has come forward with claims that the family pediatrician is now asking him if he wants to be referred to as a boy or a girl.)

Children’s body parts and hormones are being destroyed based on the very same gender stereotypes that LGBTs want to eliminate

From now on, the court has decided that neither parent is allowed to talk to the child about “anything gender related,” even though they are the child’s parents. The court, in other words, has taken ownership of the child.

That order has been in effect since April, which is around the time the mother started demanding full custody of the child. The courts rejected that request, however, and the couple is now seeking a divorce, this being the primary disagreement between them.


The child’s father has since launched a fundraiser to ask for “help to keep [his] daughter a girl” and stop the child from becoming surgically and chemically mutilated for life.

The man said he is fully committed to fighting as hard as he can to protect his daughter from gender mutilation, while his wife indicated that she will “die on this hill.”

When the child was much younger, “her dream was to be in a pageant,” the couple indicated. By the time she reached eight years old, however, the child said that “girly clothes and dresses” were no longer her style.

“I have no problem with that,” the father said. “Tomboys actually do still exist.”

The mother feels differently, though. Like many trans activists, she is of the belief that if her daughter is no longer interested in beauty pageants, then she must be a boy trapped inside a girl’s body.

The only solution, she apparently believes, is to remove the child’s breasts and transition her vagina into a fake penis. Then she will be her “true self” and be able to wear less-girly clothes and no more dresses.

The mother apparently indoctrinated the child for more than a year, unbeknownst to the father. The mother scared her about growing breasts and “bleeding from the vagina,” which persuaded the pre-teen to agree to become a “boy” instead.

“So my child, scared out of her mind at 8-years-old, says ‘I don’t want that to happen. I will cut off my breasts and I want to be a boy,'” the father explained about what happened.

Starting in fourth grade, the child started to “socially transition” into a boy. She was then referred to the gender clinic at Golisano Children’s Hospital while the couple met with Daran Shipman, a marriage and family therapist who consulted them virtually.

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