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Image: America Unhinged with Dr. John Diamond: People must spread the Word of God beyond the walls of a church – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Theologian Dr. John Diamond and sisters Leah and Michelle Sevenson, known as the Resistance Chicks, talked about how to advance the Kingdom of God on “America Unhinged.”

Diamond remarked during the Sept. 22 edition of his Brighteon.TV program that the Gospel of the Kingdom has a much bigger message. He added that God’s people who hear the message must spread it far and wide, outside the four walls of the physical church. Diamond also urged Christian believers to speak in their respective fields with a view to spreading this message.

Michelle remarked that the Resistance Chicks do not subscribe to the “these are the last days and Jesus is coming back” theology. According to her, the Pilgrims who came to America were not thinking that they could see the Second Coming as they had a 500-year-plan in mind. Aside from forging a peace treaty with the Wampanoag natives, the Pilgrims also made a covenant with God to expand His Kingdom in the New World.

“That was their whole primary goal for coming,” Michelle said. “Everyone says it was for economic reasons or it was because of religious persecution, [but] those played a minor part. The sole reason why they came was to expand the Gospel. So, they were making a covenant with God, trusting that He would hold up His end of the bargain.”

Leah agreed with her younger sister. She stated that the Pilgrims were building the New Jerusalem in America, a sentiment attested to by the Founding Fathers.

She also touched on Michelle’s earlier remark, saying that a lot of people believe that Jesus is coming back as the world is getting worse. Leah dismissed this idea as a “spirit of suicide,” instead suggesting that the the Kingdom of God has expanded and lives are getting better with the Gospel spreading around the world.


The younger of the Svensson sisters agreed and said every generation up until now has been wrong about the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus.

The “America Unhinged” host concurred with the sisters, noting that every Christian generation throughout history has thought that they were living in the end times and that Christ is already coming back. Ultimately, Diamond emphasized that the Lord Jesus expects every Christian believer to do what He has mandated before His return.

Leah Svensson: The Scriptures hold the key to God’s kingdom

According to Leah, people need to look at the Scriptures to learn more about the Kingdom of God and how it will come here on Earth. If the Kingdom is expanding, she continued, it means that Jesus is already reigning.

She also reiterated the Gospel of Matthew, which indicated that Jesus “has already been given all authority in Heaven and on Earth” and exhorted Christians to go and preach the Gospel to “all nations of the world.”

The elder Svensson mentioned that Jesus has given every Christian believer that same authority, and that Christians have the authority to call down angels as well. (Related: The Resistance Chicks Leah and Michelle Svensson talk about the power of prayer in changing a nation – Brighteon.TV.)

“So, when we start to look at it through the eyes of the Kingdom, and when you bring out Kingdom Scriptures, your whole mind just switches and you are empowered,” she explained.

Diamond said Christians don’t talk about the Kingdom Scriptures anymore. He even quoted Jesus, who warned the Jewish leaders of his time that the Kingdom will be taken from them and given to a nation, referring to the Church, that will bear fruit.

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