Clear and present danger: Putin warns NUCLEAR WAR is definitely coming if NATO continues to attack

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Image: Clear and present danger: Putin warns NUCLEAR WAR is definitely coming if NATO continues to attack

(Natural News) In a seven-minute nationally televised address, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the West that a nuclear war is “definitely coming,” adding that he isn’t bluffing over using everything at his disposal to protect Russia.

This was taken as an apparent reference to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. Putin also previously told the West not to push Russia against the wall and rebuked NATO countries for supplying weapons to Ukraine.

“The purpose of the West is to weaken, divide and ultimately destroy our country. They are already directly saying that in 1991 they were able to split the Soviet Union, and now the time has come for Russia itself, that it should disintegrate into many mortally hostile regions,” Putin said.

“The Ukrainian people themselves were turned into cannon fodder and pushed to war with our country – unleashing this war back in 2014 using the armed forces against the civilian population, organizing genocide, blockade, terror against people who refused to recognize the power that arose in Ukraine as a result of a coup.”

Putin said that Russia’s Armed forces are operating on the line of contact, which exceeds over a thousand kilometers.

“They are confronting not only neo-Nazi formations, but in fact the entire military machine of the collective West,” he said.

“In this situation, I consider it necessary to make the following decision – it is fully adequate to the threats we face. To protect our Motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, to ensure the security of our people and people in the liberated territories, I consider it necessary to support the proposal [of the] Ministry of Defense and the General Staff on the conduct of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation.”


Putin ended his speech with a threat: “To those who allow themselves to make such statements about Russia, I would like to remind you that our country also has various means of destruction, and for some components more modern than those of the NATO countries. And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people. It’s not a bluff.” (Related: Heightened fears of nuclear war increase demand for potassium iodide worldwide.)

Experts offer differing opinions on Putin’s nuclear threat

Andrey Baklitskiy, a senior researcher in the Weapons of Mass Destruction and other Strategic Weapons Program at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, said the concept of Putin’s “territorial integrity” was “tricky” as Russia was planning to absorb four Ukrainian regions where heavy fighting is taking place.

“Coming from the person who has the sole decision-making power regarding Russian nuclear weapons, this will have to be taken seriously,” he said.

Russian politics expert Mark Galeotti also said that Putin’s nuclear threats were unprecedented, but he questioned whether or not the president was willing to go through with his threats, which would de facto mean nuclear war.

Instead, he argued that the apocalyptic threats were intended to force the West and Ukraine into accepting Russia’s territorial gains in the war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview that he too does not believe Putin would use nuclear weapons, but did not rule out the possibility of a Russian nuclear strike.

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