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Image: Reality Camp with Stacey Campfield: Biden is raiding all his adversaries – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) President Joe Biden is continuing to raid all of his adversaries.

“It is ironic coming just one week after Joe Biden has suppressed his son’s criminal acts and is now raiding his adversaries. A week ago, he was saying democracy is in danger,” said Stacey Campfield during the Sept. 15 episode of his program “Reality Camp” on Brighteon.TV.

“I think Biden has a new plan – how he’s going to tackle the new elections. I think he got it from the show ‘Parks and Recreation.'”

Campfield said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was flexing its muscles anew as it raided My Pillow owner Mike Lindell and seized his cellphone.

During an episode of “The Lindell Report,” the entrepreneur himself confirmed the harassment. He had gone hunting in Iowa with a friend and had stopped by at Hardee’s in Mankato, Minnesota. FBI agents then pulled up in front, at the side and behind their vehicle.

Aside from Lindell, Campfield also mentioned the case of the FBI raiding 35 supporters of former President Donald Trump on Sept. 8. Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, broke the news to Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk on the latter’s “The Charlie Kirk Show.”

“Thirty five members of Make America Great Again (MAGA), the Republican Party, people close to Donald Trump, were rolled in on by the FBI,” he divulged.

“All these people have lawyers, they all know who the lawyers are, [the FBI] didn’t serve these subpoenas to the lawyers. They wanted to make a big display of it, they wanted to take a bunch of their devices. This is the FBI trying to roll in and trying to be muscle.”  (Related: Lawfare with Tom Renz: Biden’s Sept. 1 speech told half the US population they are a threat to America – Brighteon.TV.)


Bannon ultimately criticized the bureau’s actions as a “Gestapo tactic” that was “all about intimidation.”

According to Bannon, the Biden regime is trying to shut down every person going up against it – whether it be him, Trump himself, Kirk, InfoWars founder Alex Jones or Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. He added that the administration was resorting to the FBI’s intimidation tactics because they are losing.

Campfield also comments on Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act speech

Campfield also shared his two cents on Biden’s ridiculous speech about the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), playing a video clip of the president’s remarks.

Biden stated that his signing of the IRA into law was the single most important legislation passed in Congress to combat inflation, and one of the most significant laws in the nation’s history. He also bragged that the act is going to reduce inflation in the short term.

Moreover, the president said the IRA would help lower the 1.7 billion in deficit reduction under his administration, aside from lowering costs for American families.

Campfield was not convinced.

“The bill was really nothing but a giant giveaway to solar and electric car industry and companies like Solyndr, and I’m sure you remember that disaster. It’s pretty clear now that most Democrats don’t believe in Jesus, but they definitely believe in Santa Claus because this bill is nothing but a Santa Claus bill. It does absolutely nothing to reduce inflation,” Campfield explained.

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Watch the Sept. 15 episode of “The Reality Camp” below. “The Reality Camp” with Stacey Campfield airs every Thursday and Saturday at 6-7 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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