World Economic Forum launches AI-controlled “global intelligence” apparatus to erase unapproved ideas from internet

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Image: World Economic Forum launches AI-controlled “global intelligence” apparatus to erase unapproved ideas from internet

(Natural News) To solve the “problem” of free speech on the internet, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Inbal Goldberger, the vice president of “Trust & Safety” at ActiveFence, are proposing a new “global intelligence” spying operation controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Since Big Tech has failed to effectively stamp out independent thought on social media, the WEF and Goldberger hope to exploit data from “millions of sources” and funnel it through novel AI detection programs that will be tasked with “content removal decisions” on “internet platforms.”

“To overcome the barriers of traditional detection methodologies, we propose a new framework: rather than relying on AI to detect at scale and humans to review edge cases, an intelligence-based approach is crucial,” the WEF says. (Related: The WEF has also praised communist China for controlling the weather with chemtrails.)

“By bringing human-curated, multi-language, off-platform intelligence into learning sets, AI will then be able to detect nuanced, novel abuses at scale, before they reach mainstream platforms. Supplementing this smarter automated detection with human expertise to review edge cases and identify false positives and negatives and then feeding those findings back into training sets will allow us to create AI with human intelligence baked in. This more intelligent AI gets more sophisticated with each moderation decision, eventually allowing near-perfect detection, at scale.”

In the new world order, every aspect of your life will be controlled and policed by the globalists

Currently, every social media platform has its own content moderation teams that pore through posts and comments before deciding which ones to axe. Twitter has its own systems for this, as does Facebook.


These social media platforms typically just look at the tweets or posts of individual users and make decisions thereafter about what to do with them. They do not look into external websites, for instance, where a user might also be posting the same content against the wishes of the WEF.

“So, for example, user @JohnSmith12345 may have a Twitter account and narrowly abide by Twitter rules, but at the same time have a Gettr account where he would publish anti-vaccine messages,” writes Igor Chudov on his Substack page about how it all works.

“Twitter would not be able to suspend @JohnSmith12345’s account. That is no longer acceptable to the WEF because they want to silence people and ideas, not individual messages or accounts.”

In other words, the WEF wants to move far beyond just the internet to collect intelligence and police people and their ideas in real life, too. It will be a totalitarian police state the entire world over, and one that relies on virtually limitless data points collected from every crevice of society.

“They want to collect intelligence from ‘millions of sources,’ and train their ‘AI systems’ to detect thoughts that they do not like, to make content removal decisions handed down to the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and so on,” Chudov adds.

“This is a major change from the status quo of each platform deciding what to do based on messages posted to that specific platform only.”

In addition to, say, Twitter’s digital police force scouring a user’s feed for “offensive” content, the WEF’s AI policing system would also look at that same user’s other pages across the web and make an “intelligent decision,” based on the content, as to whether or not that person should even be allowed online at all.

“It is somewhat of a simplification because they also want to look for ideas and not only individuals but, nevertheless, the search for wrongthink becomes globalized,” Chudov warns.

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