Desperate Democrats! All they have left is governance through fear

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Image: Desperate Democrats! All they have left is governance through fear

(Natural News) Government based on fear is all they have left.

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The fascist far-left has nothing to offer in the way of progress or basic liberty, so they have to rely on the reptilian emotion of fear.

Back in the sixties, there was a comically entertaining movie “The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, that parodied cold war fears of the time. It was about a Soviet submarine that runs aground off a tiny New England town, it starred Alan Arkin in his feature film debut as the leader of a group of Russian crewmen sent ashore to fetch a motorboat that can tow the sub. The town panics at the sight of these mysterious men creeping about on their mission. There is a very funny scene where Lieut. Rozanov (played by Alan Arkin), as the only English speaker, teaches his men the phrase “Emergency! Everybody to get from street!” to distract the townspeople from what is really going on.

Emergency! Everybody to Get From Street!

Do you ever get the feeling we’re being treated to the same kind of scam, complete with Russians running around? Except that they can’t seem to agree on the fear regime they want to push at the moment. One minute they want to bring back COVID from the grave, or try to panic everyone because it’s hot outside – otherwise known as ‘summertime’. Then there is their new hobby horse, ‘gun violence’, what used to be called ‘crime’ and ‘suicide’.

You do have to admire our Bolshevik bunco artists at times, given that they must practice and refine their art form. Those of you old enough will remember that back in the ’70s (Yes, we used two digits, who cares about Y2K anyway) we were solemnly told the big threat was going to be global cooling and the next ice age. Then something ‘inconvenient’ happened on the way to the deep freeze and global warming took over.


They had to know that they wouldn’t get away with switching back to global cooling, so we’ll give you three guesses as to what they did next.

That’s right, they came up with the brilliant scam of calling it ‘climate change’ to cover all the bases.

Sometimes you almost have to admire the evil genius socialist scam artists in how they structure things, but this isn’t one of those times. Then as a bonus, they tar anyone who dares disagree with them as ‘climate change deniers’ even though no one ever denies that the climate changes.

Have you heard that the folks that pull the strings that control our dear leader want him to declare a climate emergency as soon as this week?

“The president made clear that if the Senate doesn’t act to tackle the climate crisis and strengthen our domestic clean energy industry, he will,” a White House official, who requested anonymity to describe the deliberations, said in a statement late Monday. “We are considering all options and no decision has been made.”

Got Fascism?

The piece goes on to talk about ‘another punishing heat wave’ and a weather pattern that is breaking records in Europe, what we used to call ‘Summertime’, something you might have heard of in the past. You’ll be even more interested to know why these are called the dog days of summer. From the Encyclopedia Britannica:

Dog days, periods of exceptionally hot and humid weather that often occur in July, August, and early September in the northern temperate latitudes. The name originated with the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians; they believed that Sirius, the dog star, which rises simultaneously with the Sun during this time of the year, added its heat to the Sun’s and thereby caused the hot weather.

Imagine that, it was hot during the summer in ancient times, it’s almost as if this is the way it’s always been.

Then of course there are the anti-liberty leftists and the Chinese Communist Party’s favorite emergency: COVID. Try as you might, you’re not going to forget the unfortunate lesson they learned from the COVID crisis, where a little bit of fear went a long way to scaring the sheeple into abject compliance. Since we all know, they are going to bring it all back, for the midterms. Especially the scare masks that have no other function, so much for voter ID right?

Anti-liberty leftists played a game of ‘what can we get away with now’ in terms of combating the scourge of COVID and they very carefully pushed it just up to the point of resistance. But fear was their friend and they reveled in their newfound powers, even if they didn’t make any sense.

The enemies of liberty on the left have other emergencies up their collective sleeves, but for them, their shining new emergency of choice has to be ‘gun violence’. They are really good at conjuring up ways of instilling fear and then cleverly translating them into new realms of radicalism.

In the fear game on global cooling, warming, or whatever, they have their Climate Action Tracker or CAT. In the case of crime, suicide, and random shootings they have the Gun Violence Archive. Have you noticed that the nation’s socialist media hardly refers to crime or criminal activity anymore? If it doesn’t involve a gun, they’ll make the perfunctory report, but after that, they don’t care. Does it surprise anyone that hardly anyone trusts them anymore? They’ve become the propaganda organs of the nation’s socialist left.

It seems like the weather is getting ‘worse’ because it’s being spun that way. It seems like crime and mass murder attacks are getting worse because it’s being spun that way.

Even worse, the liberty grabber lobby is now trying to justify its actions because gun violence is at an uptick, even though that has nothing to do with any individuals. Anti-liberty leftists are using it as an excuse for a new round of tyranny.

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