Del Bigtree: COVID-19 vaccines affect women’s menstrual cycles

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Image: Del Bigtree: COVID-19 vaccines affect women’s menstrual cycles

(Natural News) Del Bigtree and his team warned the public last year that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines can affect women’s menstruation cycle. In April 2021, Bigtree’s team covered the story about Israeli women reporting irregular menstrual cycles after receiving Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.

Several women reported that they experienced irregular cycles and abnormal vaginal bleeding after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. At least 13 women said their periods came early, while others said there had been irregular bleeding between their menstrual periods.

Unfortunately, these were not reported in mainstream media at the time. Pfizer was not keeping track of any changes in women’s cycles, so people have to go to social media to discuss the issue.

Bigtree and investigative journalist Jeffery Jaxen touched on this issue again during the July 26 episode of “The Highwire.”

The program also previously reported that women were not allowed to be pregnant in any of the vaccine trials, and they were not allowed to have sexual intercourse. This means Big Pharma was aware of possible changes the vaccine could bring. Yet, no one tracked women’s menstruation and ovulation.

What became a talking point about the issue was that women who were not vaccinated – but had someone around them getting the shot – also saw changes in their menstrual cycles. Still, no data came out of the information.

Big Pharma still insists that there is no data about COVID-19 vaccines affecting women’s menstrual cycles, saying that there’s no link between the vaccines and such changes. (Related: Pfizer, FDA knew their COVID vaccine causes immunosuppression, ADE, VAED.)


New data has finally come to light early this year. In January, the National Institutes of Health posted on its website results of a study showing the association between menstrual cycle length and COVID-19 vaccination. Researchers found that it changes cycles around .64 a day, plus or minus the front or the back end of the cycle – the cycle could come earlier and/or last longer.

The NIH study explained that the cycle irregularity could be attributed to the stress brought by the pandemic – and stress is known to change menstrual cycles. But the NIH also admitted that the results cannot be explained by generalized pandemic stress because no changes were found on unvaccinated control groups over a similar period.

Survey: Menstrual changes after vaccination are common

A doctor from outside the U.S. also conducted a survey about the matter on social media. Result of the survey showed that menstrual changes seen after getting vaccinated against COVID-19 are more common than previously known.

The study included over 39,000 people aged 18 to 80 who had been fully vaccinated and had not contracted COVID-19. In the sample population, 42 percent of people with regular menstrual cycles bled more heavily than usual; 44 percent saw no changes; and others were in neither category.

What mainstream media is not reporting among the non-menstruating, pre-menopausal respondents is that 1,815 of them were on hormonal treatments and seven percent experienced breakthrough bleeding after the vaccine.

These post-menopausal individuals haven’t had their periods for 12 months or longer and were not put on hormonal treatments, but 238 of them experienced breakthrough bleeding again after getting vaccinated. This suggests that the vaccine could lead to reproductive issues. (Related: Covid vaccine spike proteins attack male fertility, too.)

“It appears from this survey that reproductive issues are exacerbated by the vaccine,” Jaxen pointed out.

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Watch the video below for more of Del Bigtree’s conversation with Jeffrey Jaxen.

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