Mike Adams and Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat talk about health freedom and asserting individual rights against medical tyranny

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Image: Mike Adams and Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat talk about health freedom and asserting individual rights against medical tyranny

(Natural News) The Health Ranger Mike Adams and veteran physician Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat talked about fighting for health freedom and asserting individual rights against the medical system during a recent episode of “Brighteon Conversations.”

Adams urged the American people to escape the medical imprisonment that is happening today by asserting their own individual rights and sovereignty. He said the people’s rights are being taken away because they are not agreeing to the vaccine mandates, mask mandates or lockdown mandates being enforced by a tyrannical medical system.

According to Cornu-Labat, the “conventional” medical system is very sick and that it is coming to an end. The general surgeon related that his friction with the medical establishment started when he learned more about holistic, integrative and natural medicines. He added that this has enticed him to move toward promotion of change in the medical system.

Cornu-Labat, who is also a scientist, educator and public speaker, pointed out that the education learned in medical school is only a portion of the pie. He also said that there is not much critical thinking in the medical education system with students being brainwashed into digesting a lot of information. (Related: Most of the top 25 medical schools in America are teaching “woke” nonsense and biological delusionism to tomorrow’s doctors.)

Adams mentioned that the American medical training is a system of weeding out disobedient thinkers. Cornu-Labat agreed, saying that all medical systems that function within big business are geared toward weeding away dissonance.


Conventional doctors exploit their authority over patients

The Health Ranger said many conventional doctors exploit their authority to push things on patients rather than empowering them.

When it comes to the areas of health and disease, Cornu-Labat said doctors should never treat their patients as if they know nothing. Cornu-Labat said that instead of empowering their patients, doctors these days are doing the opposite by creating dependency.

The health freedom expert pointed out that the power a doctor is receiving is misplaced because it doesn’t represent the reality of healing.

The veteran general surgeon also talked about the medical exemption that he had carefully drafted for people who didn’t want to get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine. He noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out a list of the conditions for accepted exemptions, and one of those was contraindication.

“There’s at this point plenty of information. So when you put all this together and say, ‘This procedure is really a threat to your health.’ So what I ended up doing is crafting a universal type medical exemption which is signed individually for each person that comes in, but universal in the sense that I don’t care what your state of health is, I don’t care if you are very sick or the healthiest person in the world. If you don’t want this jab or this procedure. I consider that this is contraindication for you. All the reasons why the contraindication is there are given,” Cornu-Labat explained.

“This is a tool that the person gets to be able to exercise his or her rights. And what I provide is a tool that you can use when somebody is bullying you into participating in an experiment you don’t want to participate. And this tool is useful for you to hold your ground.”

Contraindication refers to anything that serves as a reason to not receive a particular treatment or procedure because it may be harmful. People can visit his website and fill up the application for medical exemption, which Cornu-Labat will review and approve.

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Watch the video below to know how Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat decoded a vaccine exemption strategy that works.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.

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