Athletes dropping dead, children contracting hepatitis: Are COVID jabs to blame?

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Image: Athletes dropping dead, children contracting hepatitis: Are COVID jabs to blame?

(Natural News) A scouring of recent headlines paints a grim picture of the state of public health ever since Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” were introduced.

One recent headline declares that 769 athletes have collapsed from cardiac arrest ever since the Tony Fauci injections were introduced (we have also been tracking athlete deaths linked to COVID injections).

Several other headlines talk about the new hepatitis outbreaks that are occurring in children across the United States and Europe. Why is there a sudden uptick in hepatitis among an age group least likely to contract it?

The answer, of course, is the shots. Some of the articles suggest this while others do not. So far, none of the big boys have dared to link the hepatitis outbreaks to the jabs, even though data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) show a direct correlation.

In an average year, there are only about eight cases of hepatitis reported to VAERS. In 2021, there were 304 cases just for the covid vaccine.

“Found 304 cases where Vaccine is COVID19 and Symptom is Hepatitis and Vaccination Date from ‘2021-01-01’ to ‘2021-12-31′” is the search query that investigative journalist Steve Kirsch used to extract the 304 number.

“The obvious question is, ‘why are there 8 cases a year before the COVID vaccines (across all 70 vaccines combined), and now 304 cases in 2021 associated with the COVID vaccine?'” Kirsch asks.

“As an engineer, it looks to me like the COVID vaccine causes susceptibility to liver damage.”


Has the average person been so dumbed down that they just can’t see what’s going on?

The “experts” of course say there is no link between the jabs and liver damage or hepatitis. But how, then, can this massive rise in cases, directly corresponding to when the injections were introduced and administered, be explained?

It certainly is not “COVID” causing all of this, as hepatitis numbers were normal in 2020 before Operation Warp Speed was launched. Only after people started getting injected en masse did the hepatitis numbers start spiking.

Similarly with athletes, no young people were dropping dead on the field in 2020 before the shots were introduced by the Trump administration. It was only after the needles started going into people’s arms that otherwise healthy youth started having heart attacks and dying for no apparent reason.

“There is no mystery anymore,” wrote one of Kirsch’s readers, pointing to a piece by the “insightful and wise” Catherine Austin Fitts about “The Great Poisoning” that is taking place.

“It is crystal clear … The reason ‘average people’ are unable to see the bigger picture is because the average IQ has decreased significantly since the 90s. They are getting dumber with all the poisoning in food, water, air, pharmaceutical products, drugs, etc.”

“Maybe the hepatitis adenovirus is another lab leak created for the purpose of pushing another hepatitis vaccine on children?” speculated another. “This time a crappy mRNA one?!”

Another person wrote about how she was injured by a vaccine back in 2008 and is still trying to recover.

“I have residual symptoms, so these stories infuriate me because I know how they are treated,” this person added about the stigma that comes with having a vaccine injury, which many people have been brainwashed into believing is an impossibility.

“Will any of these pediatricians speak up and find their moral compass?”

“The members of ‘The Church of the Holy Blessed Jab’ will be along shortly to protest this blasphemous sacrilege of their holy sacrament,” joked another about the response that is sure to come from the jab apologists to all of these claims.

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