Backlash against Democrat lunacy ahead of 2022 midterms has begun: GOP candidates retake school boards across battleground Wisconsin

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Image: Backlash against Democrat lunacy ahead of 2022 midterms has begun: GOP candidates retake school boards across battleground Wisconsin

(Natural News) The Democrat Party’s embrace of gender lunacy, divisive philosophies, anti-white racism and anti-Semetic bigotry are finally beginning to take a heavy toll on their candidates’ ability to win local, state and federal elections.

The most recent case in point comes from the battleground state of Wisconsin, where Republican candidates managed several stunning victories in local school board races earlier this week.

Republicans in Virginia followed the model of focusing on the economy and getting Critical Race Theory and LGBT propaganda out of our schools and won big last year,” 100 Percent Fed Up reported. “Now Republicans have done the same in Wisconsin.”

For instance, in La Crosse County, which has historically been dominated by Democrats, GOP candidates picked up a half-dozen seats, and now the county board of commissioners is almost equally divided between Republicans and Democrats.

“Big gains for conservatives on the La Crosse county board, nearly flipping, likely taking 13 of 30 seats. Entered the night with only seven. Great work by Bill Feehan and the La Crosse county GOP,” Mark Jefferson, the executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, tweeted.

Then-President Donald Trump helped to shift Wisconsin’s Kenosha County to the right in a major way, becoming the first GOP president to carry the county in a half-century in the last election. Now, Kenosha County residents have elected their first Republican county executive (guess Kenosha residents also didn’t care much for BLM-induced riots, either).

“In 2016, Trump was the first Republican to win Kenosha County since Nixon. In 2020, he won it again and increased his margin of victory. Now, Kenosha just elected its first Republican County Executive. Let the red wave begin,” GOP strategist Greg Price tweeted earlier in the week following the victory.

“Manitowoc School District, which is home to over 5,000 students, now has an entirely conservative school board as the pushback against left-wing propaganda in schools continues to intensify,” 100 Percent Fed up noted further.

In what became one of the most hopeful stories of the evening regarding statewide elections in November in Wisconsin, conservative candidate Maria Lazar massively defeated Democrat Lori Kornblum, who was appointed to the State Appeals Court by left-wing Democratic Gov. Tony Evers. She was winning by double digits with more than 90 percent of the votes counted.

In another Wisconsin school board race — this one in Menomonee Falls — three conservative mothers ran together against left-wing libtard indoctrination and they all won their races, unseating a pair of liberal incumbents.

The American people are pushing back — hard — on the lunacy of the hard Democrat left, and it’s a good thing to see.

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