Shanghai extends covid lockdown “indefinitely,” sparking rebellion

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Image: Shanghai extends covid lockdown “indefinitely,” sparking rebellion

(Natural News) A new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown in the Chinese city of Shanghai that was only supposed to last for a little over a week has been extended “indefinitely,” sparking mass rebellion across the highly populated city.

The Chinese government reiterated its “zero covid” policy, demanding that the city only reopen once there are no more “positive” test results to be had. Since this is an impossibility, Shanghai, population 26 million, could remain locked down forever.

China’s National Health Commission (NHC) re-emphasized its commitment to maintaining a “dynamic” zero-tolerance policy for the Fauci Fu. This means the initial nine-day lockdown will need to continue well into the future in order to stop all new “cases” of the disease from being discovered.

The first few days of the lockdown already pushed Shanghai to the brink of collapse, and now officials want to keep it in place, perhaps to drive a final nail through the coffin of the city.

Mandatory testing throughout China is producing about 13,000 new “positive” cases per day in Shanghai alone. Across China, more than 20,000 new “positive” cases per day are being reported.

According to Bloomberg, these figures are higher than the toll from the early days of the plandemic when the virus was said to be raging in Wuhan, the city where it may have been manufactured.

China is separating children from their parents, killing nursing home residents in response to “covid”

Even though “positive” test results mean absolutely nothing since the tests themselves are fraudulent, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is enforcing the strictest lockdown yet on Shanghai.


People all across the city are now starving to death in their homes in order to keep them “safe” against the virus, and authorities are refusing to let them leave their homes in order to purchase food.

The poorest residents are likely already dead as they cannot afford to have prepared food delivered to them via an Uber-style delivery service. And since the government will not bring them any food, their corpses are potentially already rotting inside their homes.

We are also receiving reports about children being separated from their parents by the CCP due to “positive” test results. Many nursing homes residents are also dying due to the fact that food and medicine is no longer being delivered to them.

The situation is now so bad in Shanghai that desperate residents have resorted to protesting on the balconies of their apartment cubes, calling out the CCP for torturing and abusing them over an alleged virus that is not even a real concern.

“We want freedom!” many of them could be heard yelling in Mandarin. “Why are you starving us?”

Videos of these chants were of course removed from the internet by the CCP, which has long been in the business of censorship. The CCP has even reportedly demanded that residents go back inside and not even “open their windows,” as fresh air is apparently a violation of the lockdown rules.

To enforce people staying inside with their windows closed, the CCP is deploying talking drones that order people to “please comply with covid restrictions” and to “control your soul’s desire for freedom.”

“Do not open the window or sing,” the drones could be heard saying in a woman’s voice – watch below:

Shanghai residents with pets are having to let them urinate and defecate inside the house since Chinese authorities are not even allowing people to walk their dogs.

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